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Tanners creek help

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I have never been to tanners creek but wanting to go sometime this year. I really wanted to know if the ramp dumps into the creek itself or the ohio river? Also wanted to know if the creek is deep and are there any baitshops there to buy some skippys? Thanks.
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You can get whole frozen skipjack, they don't keep 'em in the freezer out front, you've gotta ask for them, but they are pricey. $4. And if someone wants to sell me some shad, I'll gladly pay, as the bait shop charges $2.99 for a little cup of it cut up. I will one day get a castnet, but I'm looking to take the easy way out this weekend.
I wouldnt buy the cut up shad at wormies. I bought some there a long time ago before i had a cas net. it is horrible, not fresh at all! I'll be putting in at Tanners Friday night. I'll be in a Spectrum with a rod rack on the back. If you ever see me down there I would be glad to give you some shad. Once you get a cast net and see how easy it is to get bait on your own you will wish you got one a long time ago. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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