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tampa by-pass canal

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has anyone tried the by-pass canal lately? and if so did they do any good?
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JFinch, one of my buddies John McDaniel fishes it pretty regular at the bridge off of Broadway. He's caught a 12 lb'er and alot of 1 to 3 pounders on chicken livers this year. He said there are some nice Stripers in there also....Ray
yeah there are some big fish in there, when i fish it i put in on 301 by the dallas bull . i'll fish it from harney back to the 301 tee then back under i75 back down to mlk,if you like catching bream you can tear em' up butthe best cattin' is down by the dam on mlk. :) :)
Me and John McDaniel tried it there a few years ago on the 4th of July. We were fishing from shore and didn't catch any but it was kinda nice to be able to fish and enjoy the fireworks at the same time....Ray
yeah that place is either hot or cold,been there when what hot and tired of catchingfish if can beleive that, also been there when it was cold and praying for a bite...
I've fished it a few times.The only cats I got were the brown bullheads,never any channels.Thats O.K. though,they were running about 3#,bigger than alot of channels I get.
about 14 years ago there was a article in the local fishing magizine also reports from bills baitshop that a guy and son in one nite caught 40,50and55# cats. the poundage mite be a little off but thats the just of it...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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