Talladega race boring

Discussion in 'Wolfman's Nascar Pit Stop' started by brinley45cal, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. brinley45cal

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    You know daytona, talladega those used to be exciting races but with these new cot crap cars the racing is just no good.This had to be one of the most boring talladega races ive ever seen,those new cars are pitiful.i dont know folks but when they start racing those cars full time i dont know if ill be able to stand to watch it anymore.I see our series going the way of the IRL and just like the only race anyone watches of that is the indy 500,the only race people are going to be watching is the daytona 500.very sad.:embarassed:
  2. Ictalurus Punctatus

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    What do you mean! That was, by far, the best autumn Talladega race I've ever seen. I watched the first ten laps, switched over to the football game, turned back to see the last five laps and didn't miss a thing (well, I did wonder what happened to all of the Toyotas in the field). That was awesome! All races should only last for 15 laps. :wink:


  3. Mark J

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    I watched the first 50 laps, slept the second fifty laps , then I got spry eyed waiting for the big one.
    The big one is the only entertainment value of watching restrictor plate racing.

    The most boring Talledega race was the last one Mark Martin won.
    Caution free. It was over real quick.
  4. tufffish

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    they need to put some bonus money for leading each lap and they might not get in line and ride for 50 laps.
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    The only lap that really counts is the last lap. You can lead every other lap during the race but if you don't lead that last lap you're not winning the big bucks! I have to agree, that was one of the most boring races I have ever watched. Even Jeff Gordon said he was yawning just riding around in the back of the field. Na$car and their COT are going to ruin Cup racing as far as I'm concerned. It is getting dangerously close to being the same as IROC racing. Boring,Boring,Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Na$car wants to control everything with the cars,then they should own all of the cars and just have the drivers and crews show up at the tracks and draw a car out of the hat for the weekend. Oh that's right,I forgot you can only own 4 race teams. Well that was a good thought,but you can't go against Na$car rules. Heaven forbid someone do something Na$car doesn't like.