Talk bout blessings returnin ten-fold.....

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    i want to say i am the most blessed sister in the world to have a baby brother like i do....we have been plannin on takin 2 vehicles to the arkansas gathering cause our 4 piece family cannot fit in one of our vehicles and also pack in the camping gear we need so we were gonna divide up in teams of 2 and take both vehicles to have a comfortable trip. Now, we have been workin on gettin our vehicles serviced and ready for this trip. My baby brother (that i am so proud of by the way) and his wife went out and bought a 2003 (new to them) Ford is absolutely beautiful. He came home with it and brought it over to my house to show it off.....he handed me the keys and told me to take him for a test drive, see what i thought bout it. While we were drivin around just the two of us, he told me that he and his wife had discussed it and they wanted me and my family to use their new expedition to go to the arkansas gatherin in may. I WAS ABSOLUTELY STUNNED AT THIS MOMENT, I thought i was hearing things. I hadda pull over and just look at him in amazement. Never in my wildest dreams would i have even asked for a favor like that. I asked him why and if he was serious, and he replied "because i love ya and yes im serious".....people, let me tell you, this big sister turned into a blubberin squallin mess......i bawled like a baby. He is the most wonderful brother in the world and i dont even know where i would be without him. His wife is one of the best sister in laws a person could ever have too....i consider myself so blessed to have the both of them in my life. I dont know what else to say cept "I LOVE YOU BABY BRO" for those of you that i will see at the arkansas gatherin....yall will see me rollin in there stylin and profilin in this magnificently beautiful vehicle with a smile on my face from ear to ear.....Thank you Good Lord, for the family I have both here and at home. I wish everyone could have all the love and support of wonderful people in their lives like i am blessed with in mine.
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    That is just Awesome Leslie. I knew that was worrying you!

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    awww ,Leslie...Thats sooo sweet! Its wonderful to have baby brothers. I know, I got one that I absolutely love to death, as rotton as he is! :lol: Its been ages since I seen Lana, but I am looking forward to seeing and talking with her and meeting David as well. GOD has blessed you! Im so happy for you!**GREAT BIG HUGS** to you!
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    Leslie when your happy everybody is happy. Enjoy that good ride to the gathering. Have a good time and Enjoy your BOC family.:happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:
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    I'm glad to hear that you and your brother are so close. Have a safe trip and enjoy.