Taking one on the chin: an electronic birthday gift.

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    This is a story I will relate to you all in honor of my bro's birthday, and in honor of brothers everywhere... cause this IS a brotherhood, right?

    Anyone knows that the interplay between an older brother and a younger one is a fairly robust situation- and thats putting it lightly. An older brother can put the younger one up to something and the natural tendency from imprinting of youth will nearly always cause the younger brother to fall for it every time. It is nature. I cant fight it. I dont even know how to try.

    Picture if you will, a family gathering at christmas of 23 adults. 23 people from 3 generations... frail and elderly grandma and grandpa... aging but healthy moms and dads, aunts, uncles... and a small collection of us "kids" of the family, plus a few little babies. Laughs and pictures and coffee and biscotti and pie... and more pictures... and a photo exchage... and more pictures.

    When I arrived, my brother scurried me off to another room in private. When I got into the room he closed the door, turned to me, and had a wide grin on his face and that look.... that familiar look that brothers give each other when one or both knows some mischief is in the works. He had stolen my uncle's camera.

    "I need you to do this for me cause it will be funny", he said. "I got Uncle Ernie's camera and I want you to moon him." I laughed a bit and said, "Sure." I dropped em and he did the deed. I figure that as Ernie would review the photos that night alone at his home he would not know who did it. I figured a good natured prank to my worldly and sometimes silly uncle would be apropriate. I figured he would wonder about it alone in his armchair at home that night but never know what really happened.

    Fast Forward 3 hours-----

    It is your typical norman roockwell moment: It is after dinner, after the opening of gifts and the cleanup. It is the waning moments of the day during the sharing of laughs and clean but funny stories... some heartfelt anouncements and even a good prayer for the meal that was talked about till well after dessert. My uncle had recently completed remodeling his cabin and so he brought with him his camera plus his extra memory stick for the night's pictures. Knowing he wanted to show it to all, mom brought up her overhead projector. I never knew this was in the works- I had arrived late with the wife.

    We all sat down to see "Uncle Ernie's house" on mom's projector and guess what pops up on the screen in front of Grandma, aunts, sister, mother, inlaws, wife, and the guys of the family???? Yep.
    Chris got me. He knew. My other uncle put him up to it actually. And he knew just the guy to get for the job. The whole family got a moon-lit christmas gift from yours truly. Blown up on a wall projector. Six foot by four feet of my Italian rear end. My wife immediately elbowed me. Grandma nearly swallowed her teeth. The rest were shocked... then amused, then probably somewhat scared.

    Happy Birthday Chris... you still know how to get your brother to do anything.:big_smile:

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    Great story and thanks for not posting the pic.

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    Now that is truley "Laugh Out Loud" Funny...

    On the plus side, you didn't have a hypochondriac Aunt start in with the
    "Oh Sal, honney, you should go to the dermatologist and have that mole on your butt looked at" .. "come here and let me see that" ......
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    Isn't Sal a nice brother? Willing to share his shame all in the name of Chris's birthday. What a present! Can't wait to see what CHRIS might have to share when YOUR birthday rolls around, Sal.:big_smile:
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    Sal if you think this is not going to come up on the next michigan gatherin your crazy
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    LOL Sal thats good I love it lol
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    Thats a great story...mY family would have a great laugh at something like that.