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    Original post made by Tom Lumpkins(Canepole) on February 1, 2005

    You have finaly caught the fish of your dream's, And your fishing partner takes your picture and after weighing the fish you put him back in the water. a week or so later you get your picture's back and your excited, and can't wait to show friends and relatives your picture with the big old hog. you pull out the new pic's and there's the picture of you and the hog. The only problem is there's no fish in the photo.or part of the fish is in the photo, or it doesn't look like a 40 pounder it looks more like a 20 pounder.
    it does make a difference the way the picture was taken, I'll try and show examples
    Here's a picture of a 50 pounder I caught, The problem with this picture, I wasn't holding it right.if you look in the background you can see my father holding the board that holds the scales that the fish was attached to

    The next picture's a picture of my brother with a 47, He was holding the fish right, But you can see a rag in the fishes mouth plus the fish has blood on it."Normaly you want to hold the tail down for the best picture"

    This picture below is a flathead ( 48 Lbs ) when you catch that big Flathead you want to hold it like this,

    grab him so you can see the eye's, If you hold the flat head like the photo's of the blue, he is going to look small.
    Also, Take a bunch of picture's so you will have some to choose from, and hold the cat in different positions.