Take someone fishing. No buts

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    kalamazoo, michigan U.S.A

    just a friendly reminder. if you have ever thought or considered to share the gift of fishing with someone don't.
    just do it!!.

    attached is a copy of an e-mail to a dear friend...
    regards, m.a.d.

    what up mateee ? (in my best pirate voice)

    hopefully everything is going well.

    i just came home from a visitation or what you call paying respect and
    everything that goes with when someone gets called up by Jesus to come up if you
    know what i mean.

    it was so refreshingly cool. he was the front neighbor, the one that bought
    my blown up race car. he has 4 or 5 living kids and like 12 grandkids but the
    reason i am writing is cause it was a refreshingly happy (as much as it can be)

    they had a big ass lcd flat monitor depicting the cats life. korean veteran and
    what not but every 3 frames there were fish in it !!!!! tons of fish.

    that man was a super fisherman! there was one picture of a stringer of pan
    fish so unreal !! a half city block !! ok maybe not that long but for sure like
    12 feet. prolly like 120 panfish. the second to last frame was my buddy
    with the most incredibly biggest pike i have seen in a while. sweet mother of
    pearl all this time he really was telling the truth !!!!!

    the very last pic in the slide show was epic. my man and a ginourmous monster

    the whole thing was so surreal. i saw him that night getting the mail. in the
    morning his wife found him chilling sitting down in his favorite chair.

    i met some of his kids. almost my own parents age and apparently he had talked
    about me a bit. alot of them asked about my boat.. almost in tears i told his
    eldest son i regretted not going out with the old man

    at the end i told my buddies widow i had a confession to make.

    i told her how much i regretted not going out to fish with the old man.

    for sure trully i regret not taking him out so i asked if i could place my lucky
    lure with him or if it was improper if i could give it to her.

    she smiled, her eyes welled up a bit and she took my hand and we went to him and
    i took out a rapala dt6 bleeding heart olive, minus the hooks and placed it
    upon his arm.

    that guy rocked.
  2. pk_powell

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    like a wonderful man.Thank you for posting. To me it was very beautiful and thoughtful what you did. Reps to you Sir!~~~~Sister Pat:big_smile:

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    Toledo, Ohio, U
    thats a damn good reminder that everyoner has something to teach and everyone has something to learn
  4. 223reload

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    Nice to teach others ,and be taught by our peers ,We should all do that .
  5. brandonleeraab

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    truly a moving story. I too had an old man that tried on several occasions to get me to go out on the water with him but i was always busy. when he passed i too felt regret for not going fishing fishing with him. You never know what tomorrow holds , sieze the moment.:embarassed:
  6. Catcaller

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    I try to get guys at work to go fishing with me...everybody is too busy... or has different interests such as golf or whatever.

    It seems like if I'm not going with my regular fishing partners...or my family...I'm forced to go it alone...or with my 14 yr old choclate Labrador.

    Not such a bad thing going alone tho...it's good to get out in nature without having to entertain someone in the process.