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    Ok you reel experts, I need your input plz ; )

    I use Abu 6500C3's and I wanna junk the level wind....can I do it ? I've never really worked on reels but I'm certainly capable with some guidance.

    I lack the names of parts but I thought I might could be able to take off the line guide assembly...? I assume I would have to leave in the gear though ?

    Then could I spin the rod/brace that holds the bottom of the guide ? That way the grove is facing down.

    I'm trying to gain a little more distance in casting so any input or other reel tricks would be appreciated too. I'm running 7' rods but I'm not willing to go bigger on them, I need that size rod for my situations. I'm also running a #30 mono and I will not be changing to braid on my bait casters, I am considering trying #25, but #20 is out of the question. My rigs are all Carolina with 2oz eggs on it, this too will remain the same ; )

    And while I'm here, plz tell me the best grease to use too. I'm just tweaking the reel some to gain a few more yards is all, I aint lookin for no new casting records, LOL. My lake is the highest I've ever seen it and since I bank fish a few spots are a little farther out than what I can cast.

    Either way, I dont want level wind reels, I consider it as just a extra, to me its just more friction on moving parts.

    Thanks ; )
  2. Snagged2

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    Hi Jim,
    Might try just removing the left sideplate, and removing the gear that is mounted on it. It's about the diameter of a quarter. That will disengage your line guide drive, and decrease friction against your spool... I use a pair of bent needle nose pliers and slip it under the gear, and the gear should just pop off..
    Leave the little spool cog gear on the axle shaft.
    Then, remove the line guide, pawl, and cap.
    I think I'd leave the worm gear and tube installed in the frame, as it looks like to me, It would help keep dirt, and other nasty stuff out of the Right side..

    That should give you what you're trying to accomplish, and if you have a clicker, it'll still work, if that's an issue..
    Also, you probably have them, but, spool bearings will do a lot of good, compared to just the bronze bushings.
    let us know,,:big_smile:

  3. andrew76

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    well every thing sounds great here but id remove the worm gear and housing. Id be affraied that my line would rub the worm gear housing.
  4. catfishinsc

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    If you want to go with taking disengaging the line guide then the above advice is what you should follow. I'd put less line on it though, to account for more line buildup in the middle of the reel.

    There are other ways to get longer casts. You can upgrade to bearings if you don't have them already, or you can upgrade to ceramic bearings. I've recently upgraded all of my ambassadeurs to ceramic bearings. I cleaned them up and only used some Cal's grease and it has increased my casting distance significantly.

    They are costly though, but you can also upgrade the idler gear (the plastic gear in the sideplate that turns the worm gear) to one with a bearing in it as well as upgrading the worm gear to ones with bearings and ceramic pawls. I'm planning on trying this on one of my reels next year just to see how much more distance I can get.

    You may even be able to increase you casting distance just by cleaning them up real good and putting new grease in them.
  5. mrmarkedwards

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    abu makes a conversion kit for their reels that includes a replacement for the worm gear. and as far as oil what are you using now? to clean your bearings give them a soak in lighter fluid and then dry them and use say 30wt oil as warm as it is that should control it.
  6. Iowa_Josh

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    Mark is right, any grease you use would not go near anything that affects how far you cast. There's a guide to cleaning your reel on here somewhere. Read that or just google for one. 30# mono is too big to cast very well out of a 6500. Sure it casts easy but not far. Get some braid 12-15# diameter and oil the reel and it'll speed things up quite a bit.
  7. Crucial

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    Removing the level wind is no real challenge, however, I would replace the assembly with a CT conversion bar as opposed to leaving the old worm gear in place.
    The CT bar will increase the rigidity of the Abu frame, making a stronger reel than even with the level wind in place. It is also a great way to fill the void where the worm gear went, with out leaving an open door for dirt, grit, water and what ever else to work it's way inside. You can pic one up for anywhere from $10 to $25 and more expensive is not necessarly better. Some of the best going are made by Jerry Foran (google his name, should be the first item that comes up) and only $15.

    I assume by "grease" you mean oil in your bearing? If so, you might want to play around with some, many I know use rocket fuel, even more use 3in1 some use Rem Oil, the thing is the viscosity. Lighter oils will give faster bearings, thicker oils... slower bearings. So you'll have to play around a bit to see what suits you. Any light machine (sewing machine for example) oil will suffice...

    As previously mentioned, clean your bearings well with lighter fluid (or just good ole Naptha which is all lighter fluid is, Acetone, denatured Alcohol any solvent that won't leave residue)
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    It will not rub the housing as much at it rubbed the line guide , Your line coming off a full spool is way above the housing.:wink: