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    This is a true story about my nephew. To this day, I never will forget the time I had with him, as you read the story you will understand why.

    My nephew entered this world he weighed in at a whopping 17 oz. I was there right after he was born, they had him in the infant ICU. I went in to see him, and you could actually hold him in one hand. Little Eddie or Four as we called him spent the next 3 months in the hospital.

    Little Eddie was an energetic child, full of gusto. However he spent most of the 4 years of his life in and out of hospitals, he had epileptic seizures.

    We had the honor of having little Eddie over the summer, the year of his 4th birthday. That kid had us laughing from the day we got him there. The one incident I remember, so vividly is when little Eddie had the cat accident. My wife had bought him a "Big Wheel" at a garage sale to play on our porch with. The first time he rode the Big Wheel he got into trouble for running over a cats tail. My wife stood him in the corner for it. Eddie was stood in the corner for using the "4 letter" word, also. One evening we were sitting out on the porch, and Eddie was driving his Big Wheel, there were about 4 cats on the porch, and Eddie had the Big Wheel going about as fast as he could get it going. A cat run out in front of him and he turned the wheel really hard to miss the cat and turned over. Eddie is 1/2 way under the big wheel, and as he is trying to get it off of him, we hear......F***** cat. Needless to say little Eddie did not get in any trouble, me and the wife were laughing to hard.

    But what I would really like to relate to you is a story about when I took little Eddie fishing. There was a small pond in town where I caught my bluegill, so I told Eddie I would take him fishing, I was going to go to the river and do some catfishing that night. This was on a Friday, I had to work. I was at work and my wife called me and asked me if I could take off half a day, because Eddie was driving her crazy about going fishing. I finally agreed.

    I arrived home and little Eddie was waiting on me with the new Zebco 202 I had bought him the night before. I loaded up my bait tank and battery, and my bait pole and tacke box and we were off.

    I baited out Eddies pole with a piece of worm and we began fishing. Eddie kept reeling it in, I tried to explain fishing, but that was pretty much a waste of time, so I just decided to let Eddie fish his own way. Finally Eddies cork went under, he could not have miss the perch because it had swallowed the hook. I never will forget the look on his face as he dragged the fish onto the bank. I know what he was thinking, now how the heck did that get on there. After that he was hooked on fishing. My plans of taking a nice fishing trip that night by myself was out the window. My wife accompanied us with one of her many cameras. One and a half hours later Eddie was sleeping on a blanket on the sand.

    To this day, every time I go by that pond I think of the time I spent fishing with a child, who had so much stacked up against him in life. Eddie passed away that year, the lessons he taught me about life will always be with me. He taught me cherish every moment you can with your kids, grandkids, your nephews, neices, or even the kid next door. He taught me life is about choices, you can live them to the fullest or you can close the door. He taught me there is always a bright side to everything. He taught me nothing is out of your reach, even as a child. But the main lesson he taught me is life is short, it is up to you how you live it. I never would have believed a 4 year old could teach me so much about life, but these lessons will be with me for the rest of my life, and hopefully help guide me in what I do.
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    Thank you Boomer. You see I had a little Eddie as well, only his name was Dana and he was my little brother that I loved to fish with. I will never forget his first fish, a large mouth bass that might have went 1/2 pound if he was lucky but he was thrilled and begged me to have it mounted. I convinced him that there would be bigger fish down the road and did have his first fish mounted.
    We fished many time after that and each time seemed like his first, he loved to fish.
    He was however tragically killed at age 19 in 1982 and I miss him so and would give anything to fish wiht him again.
    I do try to introduce any kid that interested in fishing to this great love of mine and supply them with gear to keep when they need it.
    Thank you for your post, maybe little Eddie and Dana are somewhere fishing in heaven and missing us as much as we miss them.