Tagging big catfish??

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by mrc, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. mrc

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    Has anyone ever tagged any large cats kind of like they do with marlin and other big saltwater fish? It seems like it would be a neat way to gather some info about cats and advertise the BOC. We could do a database of tagged fish and see if we can track when and where they are caught and how much they have grown. Of course the tag would have the link for BOC so non-members might be persuaded to join and enter info. Just a thought!
  2. ryang

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    Im not sure thats legal for other than state people to tag fish would have to check into it. The only way that I could see you getting away with it would be to have your own privatly owned pond

  3. Mr.T

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    Can't do it in Missouri, and I'd guess that it's the same in most other states.

    In Missouri, "tagging" is listed among all the things you can't do to wildlife and fish "except as authorized by specific regulation" -- and there's no specific regulation that says you can tag a fish.
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    Correct, here in Ohio its illegal to tag fish in any public waterway. Now if the boc would front some bucks to DNR to help fund a local study, that might be a different story but woulkd have to be in conjunction with the state agencies and what they were looking to do.
    Its a great idea but feel it would ever fly. Here is an example, my buddy has permission from the state of Ohio to tag fish in 2 local watersheds ( 1 fo trout and 1 for smallies) he only tags fish over 16" so there all nice fish and I just spoke with him, last 2 years he put in 27 tags on trout and only got 2 returns , and they were from himself recatching the fish ! Most folks take them home and eat em...to a sad end and never bother telling the DNR about them.

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    Here in Kansas the KDWP have tagged a number of flatheads in Kansas waters, if you catch one, you are supposed to call in the information on the tag. It is all explained on their website. I have a pond/lake that I am going to begin stocking, and I am going to tag the fish I put in there, for my own record keeping.

    Surely they can not get me for doing that on private water can they?