Tackle store out of business

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  1. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    went to rives in salisbury today. they have gone out of business. another little tackle store down the road on stokes ferry rd is also going out. i guess the larger pro shops have apply preasure to these smaller tackle shops. i use to like to go to these places to get some things. i like to get my fishing weights at these places from time to time. you could go in get yourself a hand full of weight at a good price. sometimes you find something just covered in dust that was real good on the water. hate to see the little man having it tuff. its nice having a pro shop close by but you could always get a good fishing report at these small stores and do alittle b.s. ing.
  2. RIP

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    Somerville, Tennessee
    They are putting a lot of mom and pop shops out of biss. I hate it those are the place's we grew up going too. You don't get that home town hospitality in those big stores.

  3. Nobody Special

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    When there's only pennies difference between wholesale and the prices the big stores sell tackle for, then there's no way a small shop can compete. A big box can sell a $5.00 lure and make 25¢ on it. A small store couldn't pay the lights with that. Then some guy comes in and see's that $5.00 lure marked up a buck at Pop's and throws a fit and badmouths 'Ol Pop all around town for rippin' people off.
  4. FS Driver

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    grumpy your right,
    and its actually a situation of the lights for a little bait shop here in town
    with fuel prices up she is about to lose it .
    shes holding on to threads till spring arrives and business picks up.
    only 24 hr shop i know of and she always gives me good deals.
    right up the street too.
    big store is twice as far and i cant park next to their door like i can hers.
  5. Cyclops01

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    Eden, NC.
    It's not like the old days. Everything "has" to be specie specific, to please the customer. If Ol' Pop can't stock at least a couple of every item, then he has to special order and that isn't "fast" enough. If Pop isn't set up for selling over the internet, he isn't convenient enough.

    Let's be honest here. It's not the big stores putting Pop out of business. We are. If we can't have the specific item we want, and right now, or don't want to leave home to go buy it, Pop doesn't have a chance.
  6. T-Bone

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    South of Dallas
    Very well put Mike. That is so right on the money. It's our need to have it now (I'm that away) and want a good price for it that is hurting Ol' Pop.
  7. badkarma

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    There is a small bait shop close to Pickwick dam,every time I'm fishing the Tenn.river I go by that bait shop and set,drink coffie and shoot the bull with the man tha owns it.I always get good deals from him and he has helped BOC members.You sure can't get that at a big store.
  8. dafin

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    The local bait shop here is alive and doing vary well. They are putting up a new building. Their prices are about the same as cabelas. Wal mart is 5 miles away it has not seemed to hurt them .
  9. Mutt

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    we have a small tackle store on the way to one of the lakes i fish at. prices are comparable to most online on average maybe 25 cents to 50 cents higher then online. he does a thriving business becasue of his location. and the one thing i really like about this place if i stop in there around 4 or 5 in the morning and he aint busy he offers up a cup of coffee and will sit and yap with you and give you all the hot tips for the lake etc. i know i would be lost if he ever closed up plus saddened by the fact i consider this guy a friend. long live the mom and pops stores.
  10. cook

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    I'm guilty of it also.
    Friend of mine owns the local shop,mainly live bait is the attraction.Just not enough coustomers to carry a high overhead.

    Its a tough world,but if I can save 20$ by going to wallyworld,well,thats 20$ more to spend on my family.
  11. loanwizard

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    Welcome to "How Sam Walton Changed The World". Big Box retailing has forever changed the landscape of small business. It's one of the reasons the economy struggles to come back up after a downturn. More efficient delivery means lower prices, but at a cost of jobs (Ford's assembly lines). It also means less diversity (bye bye Main Street USA). It's kind of like the eggs in one basket syndrome. I rue the day when they finally succeed in their quest to bib box used vehicles. They have tried it and failed so far, yet I am not fool enough to believe that it will never be done. Hopefully I will be retired by the time it happens.
  12. metalman

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    The little guys may not be able to compete on price for some of the regular stuff but they do have the freedom to choose what they stock and if they know what their customers want they can run rings around the big guys.
    The local W-mart here is not bad and the guys there are quite helpful but the local G.Mtn and Dick's are worthless. Row upon row of every lure and rubber worm ever made and all the other "essential" gear that head office says they must stock and most of the help there is clueless.
    There are a couple of small stores here in Indy, one on Pendleton Pike on the east side and another right next to the White river on the West Side. They stock a lot of tackle that is relavant to what the majority of local guys fish for and they are thriving. Sure I use Cabela's and I will get the odd item from W-mart but when I want to get a couple of dozen 5 or 8 ounce no-rolls I know it's a waste of time to go to w-mart and shipping on lead is not cheap. These two local smaller guys have some good stuff and at good prices and they stay busy...W
  13. Tarpon

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    Dang i cant believe Rives went outta busines. I live in Salisbury, but go to NC State up here in Raleigh. I hadnt heard the news yet. Man this pi$$es me off. I always shopped there in stead of Wal-Mart. They even special ordered a trolling motor prop for me that nobody else carried. They were great folks too. Old June Rives has a fish fry at his house with homeade ice cream every year for prolloy about 100 people. They've been in Salisbury forever! Well, guess I'll be shoppin at other small bait shops. I'm never goin to Wal-Mart.
  14. Jamesaveryfwb

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    Pinetops NC
    About the only small tackle shops in my part of the state that are making a go of it are the ones owned and operated by retired folks that don't have to make a lot of money. The ones I know just want the cost back and and a little spending money. Most of these are back yard shops. I still rather buy from them, because of the fellowship you get and the service.There is one about fours blocks from me, where you can ring a bell and the guy will come out at any hour, now thats service. Of course they don't carry the large selections that the big boys do, but they are still my favorites.

    James Avery
    Pinetops NC