Tackle management for pontoon boats

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    By utilizing the vertical surface of your pontoon fencing, you can eliminate tripping over tackle boxes spread out on the floor, and still be able to see what your looking for. All materials can be found at about any home improvement center.
    The photos should be pretty self explanatory for assembly.

    1/4" Lexan or Plexiglass (Lexan is better, but more expensive)

    #10 Stainless steel screws

    #10 Stainless steel decorative washers

    3/8" aluminum tubing

    1/2" wide X 1/4" thick foam window seal tape. (to eliminate rattling)

    Plano 3620 plastic boxes



    These pictures were taken before I put the foam tape behind the boxes, just stick it to the fence to keep them from rattling.

    I have virtually eliminated the need for a carry on tackle box, and just replenish my bank fishing box from the boat. I'm capable of storing over 25 boxes.

    Hope you can make use of my idea.