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Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by ncfowler, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. ncfowler

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    The other day my duck and fishing partner were out and about and decided to stop in at a sporting goods store and waste some time. We went our seprate ways looking for our own needs. When he finaly caught up with me i was at the tackle boxes in a daze. Over the last few years i was forced to take my large tackle box filled with all my gear everything from crappie to bass lures. I came to the conclusion that i need a box just for all my catfishing stuff so I can leave my other gear home. Thus the problem trying to guess the size of the box i needed. I found one that looks just right, when i got home and put all my stuff in it I came up short of space, bad news is that my friend got me the box as late birthday gift. It is what i'm looking for so i guess i need to get rid of some of junk I have in it.
  2. james

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    ill take that junk off ur hands :grin-big:

  3. 1sporticus

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    as soon as you get rid of it you know your going to want or need it. buy a bigger boat so you can carry more gear. lol
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    I know the feeling, I bought a brand new Plano 7271 last year and I was looking at the soft sides that hold eight plastic boxes, thinking I need a bigger box.
    I have come to the conclusing that there is no tackle box that is large enough.
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    The way I view catfishing: if you give us a tackle box that will hold 80 pounds of tackle, we will find a way to come up with 90 ;) Thats how it happened to me. I kept getting bigger and bigger until I finally got this huge toolbox. It was almost outgrown as soon as I got it though lol.
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    I've yet to find a tackle box large enough to hold my assortment of gear either, I don't think they make one large enough to suit me, and if they did, it'd probably be so heavy I couldn't carry it very far. I've thought of getting one of those big igloo coolers with the handle and wheels, and putting all my stuff in smaller utilitity boxes(the kinds with snaplock lid and movable dividers), inside the cooler, that way I'd be halfway organized, and could roll all my gear to wherever needed without much effort. I dunno how well it'd work in practice, but it seems like a good idea to me so far.
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    I got one, or two, or about 8 maybe, and a couple of drawers, some bags and a bucket and one milk crate. OOPs forgot the backpack in the truck. Guess my truck would be about the right size for my tackle box, I think I need to get rid of some stuff, rather than keep buying more.