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  1. paintball1022

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    i'm trying to find a good catfishing tackle box so i can hold all of my stuff in.... i also bass fish so i have alot of lures.... idk if i should have a catfish one and a bass one or just find a really big one to fit it all in....

    can someone give me some advice and if anyone knows of some really good tackle boxs can u please send me a link where to find it or who makes it thanks :cool2:
  2. arkrivercatman

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    Welcome to the BOC! I use a back pack for a tackle box. I have everything organized in those plastic trays. I dont bass fish but I suppose you can put that in there too. If you really feel the need to.:smile2: Its easy to carry and can hold ALOT of stuff.

  3. whisker maniac

    whisker maniac New Member

    A back pack is a good idea. You can buy those individual plastic organizers at wal mart and load up a back pack and carry alot of stuff and keep your hands free to carry alot of rods and other things with. Would be a great asset especially if your a bank only fisherman.
  4. hdfatboy29

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    andrew i use 2 boxes one for general purpose (bass, crappie, gill,s ) other is for cat,s only . i got my cat box from a yard sale for about 2 bucks if i remeber right . my general box i bought at a yard sale for 5 bucks . my cat box has 3 trays that move with the lid and my sinkers are in the bottom tray to stablize it when open ( learned the hard way) and hooks and swivels are kept on top tray. it,s not a very big box i also keep stringers in there and i have a very long set of pistol grip needle nose pliers in there for removing hooks that are swallowed. those are really handy got those for like 3 bucks at a tool sale there in greencastle armory . i hope this helps you i hope i didnt bore you with too much info . have a good one and catch some cats.:smile2:
  5. waynesburgjay

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    I like to use a 5 gal. bucket for all my stuff. I'll use smaller boxes for hooks and stuff and small jars for sinkers, and a coffee can with lid for scales and cameras.
  6. dominoman

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    Dale, Texa
    When I started getting the boat set up, I wanted to make best use of space. I use two sizes of the water proof boxes that most sporting good places sell. In the smaller size, I can get 4 of the plastic divided trays standing on edge. The larger ones will also hold 4 of the bigger size trays on edge. The seat box I built will hold 5 boxes across. It holds everything from hooks, weights, floats, spare line, folded lake maps, small assorted things like spare reel parts, weather radio, etc.
  7. 45CATFISH

    45CATFISH New Member

    I also use a backpack(camo)When I go fishing I just throw what ever trays I think I will need into it.Whether it be catfish,bass,bream,crappie,or saltwater.I also use the same backpack for hunting.
  8. germanmudfish

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    Gray, GA
    I bank fish so it is easier to carry everything. The one I use is a single strap messenger type bag from Wally world. Plastic containers from around the house when Catfish is not looking.:roll_eyes:
  9. thegavel

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    West Des Moines, Iowa
    I personally use a backpack with lots of pockets.

    If you are looking for an actual tackle box, you can not beat the Plano 777

    Good luck

    SUNDROP New Member

    I have a Cat tackle box which doubles as my Red Drum box ( I live near the coast)
    I have a Bass/Speckled trout/Flounder box
    I have a Crappie/Panfish box
    I have a "day on the fishing pier at the coast" box
    I have an offshore King/Cobia/Dolphin box
    I have a "you can borrow this stuff" box
    I have a "quickie stuck in the truck toolbox w/ a Zebco 33 and rod for those hmmmm wonder if there's fish in that hole" box.
    I have a "fishing tools" ( scales, knife, pliers, dehooker, hook sharpener, reel lube, line pick, screwdriver, light, batteries etc. go with me everywhere box.
    And I still have stuff in plastic sorting boxes, cardboard boxes, trays, baskets and all over the table in my workshop...LOL!!!!!
    I have found it easier to have duplicates of some things in different boxes is easier than trying to carry it all............
    and you think you have a problem??????
  11. Wallbass

    Wallbass New Member

    GM has a Flambeau backpack for $24 and has 2 large plastic trays and numerous pockets. paded shoulder straps with loops to attach (flashlight,camera,cell) even has bunji cord holes on back(I put my landing net there). With my rod toat in one hand and bait in the other its great for bank fishin ....:smile2: