Tackle Box?

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by CJ21, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I am thinking about getting a bigger tackle box, my box is getting full. I think I might try a tackle bag they might have more room.
  2. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    I have several tackle bags that I use.

    They're organized for specific species of fish. I use the Plano stowaway clear plastic boxes...which are labeled accordingly for what they contain. Which eliminates having to search a half dozen identical looking boxes while fumbling around in the dark.

    That being said tho....I also use a large Plano hip roof box with the seven foldout trays and ample bottom storage for a live bait combo box....especially when I'm in the boat and there is not so much of a weight restriction as there is when walk in fishing.

    It holds everything from small balsa and lited floats to itty bitty split shot to 6 oz pyramid sinkers...tiny #10 baitholders and even tinier aberdeen salmon egg hooks to catch bait with...all the way up to 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hooks for catfish.

    I like it because everything is right at my fingertips...and easy to find when I need it.

    I tend to put things back in a tackle bag wherever it fits rather than where it goes when the fish are biting...and I as a result "Pay the Piper" later on when I can't find something...or when I go to re-organize.

    With the large box with the fold out trays...it's easier for me to keep track of things when night fishing.

  3. Mickey

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    Charles always use what works best for you. Soft tackle bags are nice. One thing to remember when adding another box or bag. Do you really need it? Most fisherman carry lots more tackle than they need. Keep it simple. Learn to be confident and to use the normal for that trip.:0a26: :0a18: :confident:
  4. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Ok thanks for the tips.
  5. Captain Ahab

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    Owensville, MO.
    Here's what works for me Charles. Instead of using a regular tackle box I use a tool box. I got mine at Super Wal-Marts in the tool section. It's a plastic Black and Decker Model. It has three compartments on top that you can store hooks, sinkers, swivels and lots of other most frequently used items in and can access them without opening the lid. It has a tray on the inside for other goodies and plenty of room in the bottom for other things. For me this tool box is a lot more functional than any tackle box I could find. And it cost probably half or less than a tackle box of comparable size. This one cost 10.96. So just for the fun of it next time your in Wal-Marts, Orschelin, or your local hardware store take a look at the toolboxes maybe you'll find one that will work for you at a good price. I'll try to post a picture of mine.
  6. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    How about a tackle bucket? Last week I got ready to go fishing before I had time to transfer everything to a larger tackle bag, so I put the 3 boxes in a 5 gallon bucket until I could finish. It worked great! Didn't have to open the tackle bag, just reached over and pulled out whichever box I needed. Also had room to drop in a couple of extra spools of line, etc, and put heavy leads in the bottom. I don't know if I will stay with that idea, but it worked great for that one trip.
  7. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Hey C.J,
    I always had a Tackel Bag, because

    (1) It frees-up my hands & that's a good thing because I bank fish alot. :wink:

    (2) It's dose have alot of room in them for storing all of the fishing gear you need + you could fish & have all of your Tackel with you while you walk up & down the bank and fish.

    I just received a new one that you my like (check it out):

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    :worship: :0a23:
    Bert & Phil
  8. porboy

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    TX Panhand
    I pick up diaper bags at garage sales and thrift shop for nearly nothing and put plastic boxes in them . Lots of storage and lots of pockets. If I'm walking in I will use a back pack with plastic boxs inside and bait etc.
  9. blackhorse83

    blackhorse83 New Member

    I use mtm sportsman boxes, I have two of them and they are water proof. I just seperate the hooks and stuff in one and the bug spray, knifes ect. in the other. The only other thing is I have a seperate divided plastic box that I keep my sinkers in. it all fits under the console of my boat and every thing is easy to find.
  10. robbor

    robbor New Member

    No matter what I find myself needing/wanting more gear more with me and it all doesnt store the same. I carry large/deep stoways for my crappie jigs, troutlures(for bass), then a spinnerbait box, buzzbaits in the bottem of my tackle box along with cranks, jigs and catfish gear. And of course its never enough:lol:.
  11. gilmafam

    gilmafam Well-Known Member

    CJ, get yourself a nice back pack and then an ole carry bag as well. You can put what you need in the Plano boxes, and have everthing nead and ready to pull out. the bag should have long straps to put over the shoulder. Good luck with the ideas....

    bayrunner ray
  12. screamnclickersc

    screamnclickersc New Member

    I bought the Cabela's Advanced Anglers backpack w/ Plano 3600 boxes.I bounce from my boat,to my dads boat, to my buddies boat.I just grab it and go.
  13. kccatman76

    kccatman76 New Member

    i went from using a tacklebox 2 a tackle backpack couldnt ask for anything better when u r fishing from the bank anyways