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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, May 10, 2007.

  1. FS Driver

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    tonite my wife told our oldest boy (16) that she got a tackle box for him today!
    i have never seen her get him anything fishing related as i think she feels like we allready have enough fishing stuff (not a chance lady):tounge_out: .
    anyhow he went out to the car and brought it in and opened it up and for over a half an hour we eww and awwed over some cool old lures and then at the bottom we found the real treat.
    it had the original catalog that came with the box ! the umco tackle company.
    this box was listed at a whopping 9.68 new:big_smile:
    turns out her friend at works dad went into a nurseing home a while back and they moved his wife into a small house in town and they were going to put this box and some other things in a yard sale saturday.
    luckily she posted the items at the hospital for her co workers to get first dibs on anything of interest and bless my wifes heart she got the tackle box for 20 bux.
    i am currently bidding on an exact box on ebay as i type this.
    another treasure in the box is a little fishing book that shows how to skin fish and rig tackle and how to read a river or stream etc.
    i feel bad for the man that owned this box but i know that it has been passed on to another fisherman that will get to use it with pride.
    he allready has his main tackle transferred over and wanting to got his weekend :smile2: .
    i will post pictures of the box the books and ad later .
  2. Dreadnaught

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    Passing down a legacey such as this, is an honorable thing to do. This man will be remembered by someone that hadn't even met him.

  3. Hope

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    I agree... I know it's kinda eerie, but I'm sure that man would be thrilled to know that his gear is bein treasured by the next generation.
    Very cool :smile2:
  4. Mickey

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    Darryl thanks for sharing that neat and touching story. Tell your son to carry and use that legacy with pride.:smile2:
  5. FS Driver

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    heres a catalog pamphlet i found on the internet , it isn't as nice and detailed and it is newer than the one that came with jarrods box but it has some neat boxes and has the prices listed .http://www.antiquefishinglures.com/umco.htm

    i now have won 2 more on ebay one for me and one for my younger son
    matt . i hope this will stoke him a little more on fishing as last year he barely went with us at all and this year he has went every time except twice .
    he mentioned he didnt have a real tackle box , only a little dale earnhardt
    plasctic plano type box that came with a zebco 33 he wanted.
    i will be sure and fill his up with all the neccessaties and maybe he will
    be feel the desire to go more now.:smile2:
  6. FS Driver

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    i tried to post these pictures before timed out but didnt make it.
    my camera isnt able to download pics on new pc yet so i have just copied ebay pics to show what this original tackle box looks like.
    windows vista has some issues :confused2:

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  7. thegavel

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    West Des Moines, Iowa
    That is an amazing story! I love to hear about things being passed on. Nowadays it is hard to pass anything on because a lot of the stuff they are making is cheap and not built to last.

    I have given up on the tacklebox all together. I switched over to a canvas backpack with a bunch of pockets, but would have been honored to come acrossed something like your find!

    Tight Lines
  8. poisonpits

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    daryl you said the box had some cool old lures.you need to do a search on ebay some of thoes old lures are worth a lot of money.even if you have no intentions of selling you might want to start a collection.its a lot of fun and almost as addictive as fishing.
  9. micus

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    Lake St. L
    That box brings back a few memories. Had a similar box when teenager.:lol:
  10. DANZIG

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    West Virginia
    Aint that a hoot! I still have a box exactly like that. I bought it when I was maybe 11. Just dug it out this spring to recycle it into a Muskie lure box.

    Word to the wise, Don't put plastic worms in the dividers they will melt! (the dividers)

    Hope he has as much fun with his as I still am with mine!
  11. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    Nice find! I'm tickled to see those Jitterbugs in there. I have acquired a few old boxes over the years and I believe every one of them have had a Jitterbug in them. People that don't know a thing about fishing know they will catch fish with one of those plugs.