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  1. barrenriver katman

    barrenriver katman New Member

    what tackle do you keep in your tackle box for cats
  2. paleocaver

    paleocaver New Member

    Hi and welcome the BOC

    I have a dedicated catfishing tackle box. It's a soft sided box that can hold 6 plano organizers, tough I only have 4 in it. The other room is taken up by line and dip baits. For tackle a good selection of weights, hooks, swivels, floats and rigginf materials is a must. At a minimum I take 1/0 4/0 and 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hooks, an assortment of bank sinkers form 1/2 oz up to 3 oz, and a variety of floats.

    Keep browsing the pages here and you'll get a better idea of just how personalized each catter keeps his tackle set up.

  3. jailcop2

    jailcop2 New Member

    I use a 5gal bucket , with all my stuff in small boxes . Usually keep 20 or so asst hooks , 10ish asst weights ,swivels ,splitshots ,fillet knife , pliers, bug stuff , heavy leather glove , fire starter glow bobbers and bells , leader line . More stuff than I probably need .

  4. Ahquabi_Master

    Ahquabi_Master New Member

    WDM Iowa
    Welcome to the BOC. My tackle box is my backpack. There are two smaller boxes in it where I keep hooks, sinkers, swivels, nailclippers, knives, pliers, stinkbait holders. My flashlight, radios, umbrella, granola snacks, soap bar, all fit in there too. I love my backpack.
  5. Matthew72

    Matthew72 New Member

    Cobden Il.
    I keep stinkbait, hooks of different sizes and styles, bells, swivels, spiderwire, pocketknife, nailclippers, bobbers of many sizes and styles, artificial baits for bluegill,crappie,bass and flatheads, rod repair kit, hook remover, pliers, and extra cash.
  6. Greg32

    Greg32 New Member

    Northeast Kansas
    I too have a dedicated box just for cats. I keep assorted weights (from 3/4 OZ up to 6 oz), hooks (circle, J, and kale) swivels, and glass beads. My baits, usually bluegill, are kept in the livewell of my boat and "prepared" on the water. I also keep an assortment of Magic Bait products close by just in case. I always have water/soda, snacks, rain gear and a cell phone with me too just in case.

  7. Redd

    Redd New Member

    Southeast Kansas
    Welcome to the BOC. The tackle you use depends on the water and the cats you're going after. Hooks for the flatties can go up to be about as big as you want 'em. But, keep them on the big side, for using big live baits. For blues, 6/0 J-style hook is the way I like to usually go. And for channels, 4/0 J-style hook. I do have smaller hooks for eater size cats, though. Weights, I exclusively use bank sinkers. Usually the river I fish, ain't fast enough to carry away, a one or two ounce sinker, but on occasion you can't settle for anything less than a six ouncer. I keep all this in a soft tackle box with a shoulder strap. But I also have a double sided tiny tackle box for wade, fishing, or loaded up for farm pond channels. Hope this helps.

  8. tncatfishing

    tncatfishing New Member

    clk. tn
    A supply of snelled hooks, snelled by me. An assortment of weights from 1 oz to 4 oz. Big swivels. Some leaders already to go , so I can tie on , bait up and cast. Fillet knife for bait. Glow sticks for night fishing, and pole holders for the railing.
  9. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    Welcome to the BOC Tony. I keep a big tackle box and another plastic box that goes wherever I go. I keep more than I can list in those boxes.:lol:
  10. barrenriver katman

    barrenriver katman New Member

    i used to do a lot of crappie fishing just trying to get a nothing but catfish tackle box going here really got in to catching catfish it seems once you start catching those cats it just grows on ya i really enjoy catching cats and would like to learn a little more about doing so this is a good place to start i am glad i found this forum thinks for the info
  11. rushing

    rushing New Member

    I have a flat tackle box but it is just a part of my catfish backpack. I mostly shore fish and have to carry all my gear some distance and I am out usually all night so I have to have all the gear to make a full night of fishin comfortable. Everything from terminal tackle to a camera to TP, I got everything in my back pack. I also just customized the bag for the folding chair I bring along. Made loops and fasteners on it for my rod holder and for my two piece rods. Walking through the thick woods is alot easier when all your gear is on your back and the only thing you have to carry with your hands is your bait bucket.
  12. fishinpals

    fishinpals New Member

    Virginia, Illinois
    I have a soft sided tackle bag that I use. have weights, hooks, flashlight, glowsticks, bobbers, towels (goog strong paper), clippers, pliers, 4 different dip baits, worms, soon to be Looper Rigs, snaps & swivels. Things I am going to add - cheap digital camera (extra batt), some snacks (Beef jerky, etc), extra propane bottle and mantles, 5 dollar bill, first aid kit, knife, gallon freezer bags, radio, and a book - CATFISHING FOR DUMMIES.:cool2:
  13. SilverCross

    SilverCross New Member

    Fairbury, Illin
    I use a laptop backpack from Wally world. Kahle and circle hooks of variable sizes, weights assorted sizes and wieghts, flashlights, bobbers, knives 3or4, scale, xtra line, xtra reel, assorted swivels, snaps, tape measure, scissors large and small, beads, cheap camera, instrument for protection, needle nose pliers, hook removing pliers for the deep ones, cut up panty hose, bug spray. Hook on each strap for hooking soft cooler with bait and rod holders, now all I need is someone to carry it for me....lol
  14. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    Just the basics hooks sinkers and swivels. I'm stuck on the bank so the less I have to carry the better. for the most part 7/0 hooks 3oz no rolls and 1/0 swivels.
  15. Swampy

    Swampy New Member

    The WHOLE tackle shop & then some I have everything from a handgun to maxi pads,Don't ask. LOL
  16. Jebbie

    Jebbie New Member

    Must be married eh?

    I carry everything but the kitchen sink.

    I carry a tacklebox from wallyworld. It's large enough to carry flashlight, 20 dollar digital camera from wallyworld, 3 rod holders, dipbait, off, small toolbox for rod repair (2 screw drivers, leatherman, needlenose, extra guides), large glow sticks for light, inch and a half glowsticks for my rod tip, roll of scotch tape to hold the glowstick on my tip, small bag of rubber bands, scale, hemostats, asst. hooks circle and treble, asst. weights and swivels, slip bobbers, radio and there's usually something to eat just in case.

    I also carry a softsided 12 pack cooler for bait, a few bottles water and circus peanuts.
  17. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    Tackle= extra spool of line, hooks-3/0-7/0 J-hooks, 4/0and 6/0 circle, 3/0-5/0 truturn and #4 long shank aberdeen hooks (for bream), weight 1/4 ounce-1.5 ounce egg sinkers, assorted split shot and 1 ounce- 2 ounce homemade snaglees sinkers, and some snagless sinkers I bought from Tim Hagan. Small bobbers and large bobbers and two containers of DK's punch bait. pliers, couple knives, pair of scissors, matches, dip net and so on.
  18. Believer

    Believer New Member

    Greenwood, AR.
    What do I keep in my box? Well, let's see there's a couple of sticks of dynamite, an old crank telephone..........
  19. LiquidSteel

    LiquidSteel New Member

    La Vista N
    Hooks (lots of hooks), weights, hemo-stats, pocket knife, scissors, steel leaders, bobbers, fishing license (very important), a leprechaun (for luck), and aspirin.
  20. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    My entire fishin' history is in my backpack... I need to take inventory.. before I strap it on I'm 6' tall, then after I'm 5'6" with hemorrhoids...:lol:
    Intense pain: Torture in a teepee.