Tablerock spoonbill

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  1. ccso639

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    Cass Couty, MO
    I am looking for a new area to snag. Does anyone know where to chase the spoonies on Tablerock?
  2. Seth

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    In the water. :roll_eyes:

    Are you familiar with the James River arm of Tablerock? We have our best luck snagging above the mouth of Flat Creek, or point 15, and all the way up to the Walnut Springs boat ramp. Some people call the Walnut Springs area Ashercane Bottom also, its the same thing I found out. Up around the bend you get to the McCords Bend area. When the water is high enough, like it is this year, a lot of spoonbill get pulled from that area also.

    We like snagging at night. We use 10-15 foot surf rods with 3-5oz weights and cast right up to the banks and rip the hooks back. Sometimes we pull fish right off the bank with our first yank. If the fish are flopping on the surface, I like to wait for one to flop, then throw behind where it flopped and start ripping the hooks back as fast as I can right after it hits the water. The fish like to lay right on the surface at night and roll when the water gets warmed up.

    PM me if you would like me to send you a map of some of my favorite areas and ask me some questions if you want.