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    I will be at Table Rock for a family vacation July 7 - 11, staying at Vickery Resort. It looks like it is on the other shore of the same cove as Table Rock State Park. I have only been on the lake one other time, and then it was on the James River arm, so I'm not familiar with this end of the lake at all.
    I know Table Rock is most noted for its bass, but I much prefer to go after catfish or crappie. I have the gear to trotline or jug line if that works best.
    Will be running a 20' boat w 90 hp motor - so will be mobile but not running all the way from one end of the lake to the other. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I paid for a 1/2 day guided fishing trip on Table Rock several years ago. We went out on a huge bass boat and targeted smallmouths. The guide had an approach to fishing that I had never tried. We fished out in the middle of the lake, spotting fish about 15-20 ft deep in much deeper water. We baited up a hook with several nightcrawlers. The worms were hanging from the hook as we only hooked each worm a few times. Then, we dropped the weighted line down to the right depth (a tip was to watch the weight descend on the depth finder). We slowly jigged the hook up and down (several feet of movement) until we would get a bite. usually, it was a very light tug to which a quick hookset would produce a nice bass. BUT, we also caught two very nice flatheads in the 10-15lb range on this same exact setup. I haven't been back to Table Rock Lake since that day, but if I ever do, I plan on trying this same setup for cats.

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    I am going there this weekend end and I looked at the fishing report this morning and it said trout lines or gug lines were the best right now with live bluegill it looks like I am screwed I dont have a boat to use for jug lining good luck to you though
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    Hey Jeff. vickory is a good area its on the long creek arm of the lake.If you head north toward the dam the next area is moonshine beach its a big public use swimming and picnic area you cant miss it.Its just past the dam once you see moonshine beach to your right you can turn left and go stright across the lake to the back side of combs ferry I've had good luck there on trout lines in the past and thats only a couple miles from where your staying.I would say you will do fine if you dont want to fish that far away from vickory this is the closest area to vickory where I have set lines and caught cats I useally fish close to Indian point because thats where we keep our boat.I would take a small eagle claw long shank crickett hook from wal-mart cut up bits of night crawlers and cast on the bank near some cover and catch small bluegil to bait your lines put them on live. I've also had good luck for channels on berkley power bait in liver flavor. jeff this should help you catch somthing good luck and most of all have a good time.
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    Thanks so much to all who responded. I'll post after we get home if there is anything good to tell.