Table rock summer tactics

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  1. strmchzr

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    i'm going to be spending the last two weeks of july and the first couple of weeks in august at table rock lake (king's river arm). despite being a fairly successful river cat fisherman in s.e. kansas, the lake cats have eluded me the last couple summer trips to table rock.

    i have a few questions that i'd really appreciate some feedback from ya'll:

    1. should i fish the deep water (>80 feet deep) next to rock cliffs or the shallow waters of coves and points (<25 feet)?
    2. what depth should i target for flatheads during the dog days of summer (how deep should i drop my bait?)
    3. i almost always use live bait (usually bluegills and occasionally goldfish) for big flats. is there a better or "alternative" bait to try when i can't get any action w/ perch?
    4. is fishing during the day a waste of time?

    i really appreciate any info or tips that may help me catch a nice table rock cat!
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    I will be down there from July 28th until Aug 4th. I have never fished it so its time to learn. We are staying At Gobbler mountain resort. Try YOu can get some info off it.

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    thanks for the tip, I'm going to be down there a week earlier just for a couple of days, but it only takes a few minutes to catch a big one.