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    I went out sunday night around 8:30 pm and put out six 1 liter bottles. I had trouble catching small bluegill beause it was pretty dark bye the time I was on the water.I did catch two bluegill and put them on live. I then used liver flavored power bait nuggetts for the other bottles. I then placed one noodle with a #6 hook with a bunch of nightcrawlers. I set the first 3 bottles in 20ft of water then a couple in 17 to 15 ft and in 30ft. the noodle was in about 25ft.I was located on a main point that is about 100yrds from the main river channel.I stayed out to midnight with no luck got back up at 5:eek:o am went out to check the bottles and had no fish on anything.The two bluegil were gone the powerbait was still on untouched and the nightcrawler was untouched I could not believe that. I did have everything weighted down with concrete weighs I make. I feel like I was fishing to deep or we had over 5inches of rain on saterday could have had some effect.A friend told me limb lines would work better at this time with the high lake level. It does make sence.I did mannage to catch a nice:confused2: small mouth that morning and my brim trap I made worked very well.Ok fellows tell me what I was doing wrong here.