T Top Recommendiations???

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by ronnycl, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. ronnycl

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    Does anyone have the BoaTop Tee Top that mounts on a center console? I have been researching an affordable tee top for an aluminum rig and was wondering about the likes or dislikes of this product. Link: www.bimiteetop.com

    Any others out there under $500.00?
  2. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    That's an interesting product. I've pondered over building one similar to that, but never had a reason to follow through. I'd love to see one installed and talk to someone who's used it.

  3. savage308

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    Victoria, Texas
    I haven't seen the one in the site you posted. But here in the gulf coast there are plenty of people who build them. Gives ya some shade and extra rod holders, keeps the rain off your head too. The one on the site you posted looks small. Get a saltwater fishing magazine and you'll see ads for a bunch of them. A friend of mine makes them his name is jack fletcher. Specialty Aluminium Works in Victoria, Texas. His number is 361-575-1477.
    I'm pretty sure he has a website but I can't find his card. Give him a call and he'll be able to tell you what it is or send you some literature so you can take a look at them. There's business's like him that make them all along the coast. They are not cheap but their a nice addition to the boat if you can afford it. Hope this helps.... Whooops sorry didn't see the "Under $500". The good tops are gonna cost ya a chunk more than that.... Sorryyyyy
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    I dont see it holding up. Alot of forces are exerted on T-tops from towing and hauling butt down the lake or river especially with waves in the mix.
    I've seen a few professionally built T-tops with snapped welds or cracked tubing.

    I think one of the biggest advantages to a T-top other then shade is that you can mount your electronics up high and more into the line of sight and out of the way.
    Rocket launchers can be added to hold rods while being fished or when running up out of the way.
    It makes a darn good light platform for any type of light to light the boat up with a flip of the switch.
    And of course you get your anchor light mounted up out of the way .

    All of this would be hard to do or impossible to do with that top.