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swivels and steel leaders?

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i use mainly circles . they work good . but i was wondering if using a swivel and leader (or just 1 or the other) could cause u to lose some fish? is better to just tie the line to the hook? thx.
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the only time i generally use circles is either fishing under a bobber or in the gulf with a slip rig wheres theres no resistance on the hook til he bows the rod i dont much care for them on bottom have missed to many fish with them cause i always have a bait clicker on
gamagatsu octapuss 5/0-6/0 when i use circles under a cork i use 8/0-10/0
when theres a resistance from say a float circles are the only way to go but other then that i just dont like um of course i only fish from the bank if u fish from a boat the circles may be ok
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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