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    I am in dire need of some suggestions. this will be an odd post. for the last few years my group has been doing ever more freediving and snorkeling than fishing to catch fish. Im in the search for clear water tributaries that drain into a larger river. example some trout streams drain into the mississippi river. the first few hundred feet often have clear water yet all sorts of river fish will frequent this. great for snorkeling and freediving. shallow small creeks are fine. cold water is also fine. i would like to have the chance at seeing something more than a minnow. any suggestions would be appreiciated.

    on a side note i was thinking down by mankato there might be something that matches this.

    some one help
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    Wouldn't have the slightest idea on snorkeling/freediving.:eek:oooh::embarassed: Sorry I couldn't help, some experienced member will come along to assist you.:wink:

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    oh for those interested ive got two videos from the upper mississippi river posted on my collection of underwater videos. they are not that good videos, but still interesting. i have about 40 more videos to post that are good, problem is my conection is so slow it takes afew hours to upload, and if im not watching my computer goes into sleep mode before the upload is compleate.
    anyways enjoy.(several ocean posts also, so scroll down the list)

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    Your best bet to free dive would have to be in the spring/late winter before the rains come, water tends to be its clearest then. The Upper St. Croix river might also be an option. Mankato and most of the MN river tends to always be as clear as chocolate milk except for in the winter.

    good luck
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    ok, my first half decient color underwater river video. tons of all sorts of fish. this is mississippi river north of Grand rapids. i just got a super compact car and did 1500 miles road tripping and freediving every lake and river i could think of last week. ive got several videos on my youtube account now.ive had trouble getting decient musky videos(saw one monster) but i think we will eventualy get some. enjoy.

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    not to revive old thread. but hello gang. im still filming twin cities metro fish.
    I got the best video yet of a larger musky swimming up to me under the ice, in super clear water. we had nearly 100ft vis on tonka this winter.
    this is amazing. vid

    enjoy gang.

    also i to this subject i stumbled on a monster flathead in one of our local lakes. came face to face with it. i considered hand grabbing it, but wanst sure. i think it was thinking of grabbing me. we both swam off our separate ways probably for the best. of course no camera. tough to guess how big. im not sure. probably over 40. ive been back but have not seen it again. small lake, sooner or later should get a video im hoping .