Sweet-n-Sour Carp!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by dinkbuster1, Feb 28, 2008.

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    well heres the story....at the Machine shop where i work there are a couple Phillipino women who i work with that have been bugging me forever now to bring them in a big fish. well, i thought i would be a smart A$$ and bring in a big 'ol nasty carp one day. monday before work i caught quite a few and kept the biggest and nastiest one of the whole bunch and took it in that night in a big black 3-ply trash bag. now the women had never heard of a carp and i went around and told everyone in the shop what i done and was looking forward to a good 'ol toungue lashing from these fiery little women tonight. well, last night they brought it in in 3 different tupperware containers. let me first say all they done was scale it, gut it, no mud vein removal either, and they even left the head on! (insert Steve-o puking noises) they insisted i give it a try......... ...... you know, they had the last laugh, IT WAS DELICIOUS!! she used some kind of sweet and sour stuff she bought from the Oriental store (she is bringing in package tonight for me to see, will post what it is!) and after frying it in a skillet just added it to the fish. tasted like very tender and sweet turkey breast. http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n277/dinkbuster1/dinner1.jpg http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n277/dinkbuster1/dinner2.jpg
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    See Dink, you have to watch out with them little Asian girls. i have spent plenty of time overseas, and i can tell you that they know how to make pretty much anything taste good. especially fish, no matter what kind it is.

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    Serves you right for picking on them women. LOL

    Sounds pretty good if it tastes like you say. Might even be worth trying to salvage a carp instead of just using it as cut bait.
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    Now that you see what they can do with something that you would not consider eating will you bring them some good quality fish that eaten by most people.I am sure that they would like a couple of 4-6 lb catfish to cook,and it sounds like you also will get a great meal out of it for your generosity.
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    Somewhere else in the world they use primarily carp to make a fish patty or ball called "Gefilte fish" I usually ate it as a sweet and sour preparation. Take a ride with me to the Jewish neighborhoods of Chicago. Those commercial boys who catch all that bighead carp and rough carp couldn't make a living unless they had this market.

    And if ya don't like it Jewish I can smoke that stuff so you wouldn't know the difference between that and trout. Better than catfish at a Friday night Amvets hall.

    Those gals are waiting for you to hook another one I'll bet.
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    when i was a young boy we use to go to the river and snag buffalo,carp, and suckes and can then.we had fish pattys all winter long.
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    good story bud. i dont think i would make a habit of eating it though:eek:oooh: good tast cant kill the toxins in it! lol
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    For sure, Carp done right is pretty good. Sometimes I can't even smoke it right. But done right no one would guess its a carp. My wife wanted some, so one day in the winter we went to watch em pull a lake. we got a few to smoke and gave her a couple to cook. she invited the guy to dinner, we smoked the rest, and had some beers. He couldn't believe it.