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    Good Afternoon, I've got a 2001, DF70 Suzuki 4 stroke with approx. 500 hrs on the meter.

    A few months ago I noticed some oil leakage coming from the front of the cowl into the transom. I thought that maybe it was the oil filter, so I went ahead & changed it & the oil, since it was due anywayz. The problem still existed.

    Next I pressure cleaned the motor, AGAIN, & put tracer dye in the oil. I ran it all day long with the "muffs" on it @ high & low throttle wth no signs of leakage:angry:

    The next trip out I monitored the engine closely, throughout the day & never saw any signs of leakage:crazy:. After I got home, I noticed oil coming from the cowl area:roll_eyes:. ANOTHER inspection indicated that the oil was coming from the valve cover vent hose & into the plastic air baffle which feeds the throttle body & then running out the air intake port; which then spills around the cowl gasket.

    I would normally say that this was caused by excessive blowby but the engine has been meticuosly maintained & I just performed a major decarboning with the same results.

    Any help will surely be appreciated & thanks in advance:wink: