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sutton lake

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just wondering if anybody goes there on a regular basis
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I go to Sutton pretty much.Is there something you need to know about the lake?
i was just wondering if there was any size to the fish that come out of the lake. been wanting to go for a while any tip greatly apprieciated?????
Sure man there are plenty of big fish.I'd say 10/15 lb easy.up to 35lb not uncommon and sometimes if hold yer mouth just right,bigger than that.It has been a little slow there during the hot months.When the water cools down a bit the bite and fight is on.Where are you located?Do you have a boat?The large fish are caught at night.If you have not been there it would be best to go at day time to check it out.Or go with someone how knows the lake well.That place can be very dangerous.Stumps,sandbars,currents,waves.Do not attempt to go with very much west wind.That place will chop up like nobodies business and is very hard to navigate.Many have been hurt,lost boats and worse.Trust me on this!
thanks for the info we have a 14ft big jon and my buddy has a 17 ft sunbird we have wanted to go but havent made it down yet we are from the sanford area to far to go and come back the same day it will be a weekend trip
If you let me know when you guys come,I'll try to meet you there.I've got some overhead shots of the lake and can tell ya where is what.If not go in the daytime and watch the path the local bass boats take,but be carefull.The main bay looks pretty big and deep,but it is really very shallow with many hidden stumps.Take your time.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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