Sutton lake-07/22/06

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    Well, after a fairly dismal attempt at black drum fishing in Sneads Ferry friday night, we decided to switch back the to the original game plan of the summer and go after some flatties. The day started of decent, we got out there and located some bait and also found some slab shellies in the process that we haven't been able to locate since last winter. We spotted out our spots on the way to collect bait and worked them back in reverse order through the night. The first place we tried didn't pay off, as the wind wouldn't let us set up good. I had one hit that pulled me into a snag and an absolutely huge CRAB! This place is odd... Later though, we were fishing a corner and my buddy got a decent 30lb fish and I caught a 15lb flathead. Things died down with the wind, so we moved to a different spot that I thought looked good, and weren't set up 10min when my buddy caught another 15lb flattie. We had a couple smaller fish scale the baits, and then I caught a 10 pounder on cut needlefish. Also an odd resident of the lake. We hung a couple more nice fish that didn't make it to the boat to end the night.

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    man.... looks like some nice fish and good trip