Sutton lake - 04/15/06

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    North Carolina
    Well, the bite took off fast, but once that moon got high in the sky, it was time to call it a night. We managed four cats, a 10lb channel I caught and my buddy caught two around 1-2lbs. Then he banged heads with the last fish of the night, a 15lb flattie. Not a bad night, but just a taste of what's to come I have a feeling!

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    I just got station in Wilmington this past fall and found sutton lake yesterday for the first time. There was a lady fishing the dock there and caught a 12lb flathead. I came back last night for a couple of hours but kept getting hung on something there in front of the dock. Have you ever fished that area before? I'm going to try it again in the morning, hopefully i will have some pics.
    Tommy Davis