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Susquehanna smallmouths

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hi its me again :D can someone tell me the best natural bait for smallmouth bass in the susquehanna river?
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Nightcrawlers are a pretty good bet. IF those don't work, watch the surroundings around you to see what types of baitfish are there. If minnows are abundant, try using them. Also, I have caught smallmouth just casting rapalas.
are there any hilgremites in the river system? if there are take 2 guys one with a minnow sein and another guy flips rocks in a set or shallow rapids about knee deep and get some hilgremites, use a size 6 hook and hookunder there 1st hard section of there bodies and bingo your have a blast, thats how we do it on the delaware river. catcjh many smallmouths not to mention catfish, stripers, panfish, carp and trout, never know whats gonna come out of the water. if you dont have any hilgremites go with crayfish, right now im nailing all the smallmouth i can handle and big ones at that with a soft plastic crayfish pattern. cast out in curerent keep tight line because many hits come on the fall then vary your retieve from a regular reel in at slow and fast speeds, to a craw fish pick up off the bottom and droping it back down to a small baitfish reteive darting back and forth by twitching rod two or 3 times then a slight pause, just keep trying a different reteives till you find what they want at the time.
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ahhh my old stomping grounds .. i miss that river

hellgramites, crawfish, shiners

altho throw a tube around all day and it'll give up its share of lunkers
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