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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by muddy, Feb 17, 2009.

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    This past summer I fished with juglines baited with cut shad. I'd have one hook about a foot off bottom and the second hook about 3 foot off bottom and just about every big cat that I caught was on the top hook, and a small blue would be on the bottom hook. 'Small' being eatin size and 'big' being between 8 and 25 lbs. Any body else noticed some thing like this? I'm thinkin i might need to keep my baits off the bottom more when i'm rod and reel fishin.
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    There's so many times big fish will be way up in the water colume. Not down on the bottom. If you just think, there has been so many people posting. I was fishing and was not getting a bite. But I would look at my Depth finder all the fish were in 19ft of water even though I was sitting in 35ft of water.
    Does not matter how your fishing, theres days the fish are up off bottom.
    Theres times you can take and suspend a bait up where the fish are in the water. It can be that your drift fishing, set the bait at the depth the fish are showing up on the unit. Or use slip floats cast out one from each side of the boat and around the boat. Years ago people would think the fish were not bitting when all it was. Is the fish were not on bottom.
    Let the fish tell you what they like, if your catching bigger fish 4ft off the bottom. That tells me the fish are finding the bait better at the depth. And you may find that if your bottom hook is 4ft off the bottom and have one even 8 ft off the bottom You may well find better fish on the top hook then also.
    Try new stuff, that is the ticket. We get stuck in using the same stuff all the time. Think new and keep an eye out for fish not being on the bottom.

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    The same applies to Flatheads and Channels. I find the most active fish are suspended, with the larger fish at the top of the zone.I have caught 20#+ channels at one ft over 25ft of water.Flats at 8 ft over 35 ft of water. It pays to think outside the box.
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    Pete has got what I think to be the answer. I keep a good eye on the depth finder and where the fish are at. If Im not doing well on the bottom I will reel in and suspend my poles where the fish are at. I have caught all cats in one day suspended even with one pole still casted on the bottom. On certain days they will be at different spots you just got to move your baits until you find them.