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    has anyone taken a survival class/course? ive herd of them that you take like a 4 or 5 day class then you and a few other people are taken to an area and have to live there without anything but a survival tin and your knife. i just got a British SAS(Special Air Service) book on "How to survive in the wild. in any climate on land or at sea" by John Wiseman, says he was in the armed forces in britan for 26 years and was in the SAS for some time to and is an instuctor on survival courses for the british SAS. ive been reading it and its really neat on what you can do just having a small tin with a few essentials for surviving and a knife. if anyone has any info on a class or course close to terre haute indiana id appriciate it if they told me about it:big_smile:
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    Jayson that's a great book. Best tool you can have for survival is between your ears. Stuff that kit full! Don't know as I can't remember, been awhile since I read it...but the Brits had spec. ops. before we did. Other than the tea bag in the kit, it's all right on the money....and to be honest if ya don't have coffee, tea beats nothing at all. Don't know of any classes but there are more good books. Our military's SERE manual is a good one. And don't overlook woodscrafts manuals. Good info also.