Superformance Powder...Had to see for myself

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    Since Hodgdon released Superformance powder, it has been called "pixie dust" and a gimmick, or some say its awesome. So I spoke with a Hodgdon rep and he was pretty forthcoming with the fact that it's a niche powder with limited applications, and they have an agreement with Hornady that they won't publish data for any cartridge that it doesn't provide, at a minimum, 75 additional fps over their other powders and very good accuracy..So if you find published for a cartridge published by Hodgdon, then superformance is recommended for it. It's also not the same powder used in Hornady Superformance ammo. The list is fairly short but includes:

    243 Win
    6MM Rem
    243 wssm
    25 wssm
    280 rem
    300 rcm
    300 wsm

    Since I have a 280 rem, I grabbed up a pound and decided to see for myself. First impressions was it meters like water. I have a finicky powder measure and I constantly threw accurate charges. It doesn't seem real sticky or clingy. I worked on a few different charges up to the max of 57 grains with the best accuracy being 56.5 with a 140 gr Accubond holding 3/4"-1" groups. Not spectacularly small groups, but in my book that's great for just beginning to work with it and way more than accurate enough for deer/bear hunting..I didn't have my chrono so I shot through one a guy at the range let me use, so I don't know how accurate the chrono was but at 56.5 grains, I spit them at 2960 +/- 1 or 2 fps over 5 shots from my 22" barrel. So the accuracy and velocity are there. At home I found it is a very clean burning powder while cleaning the rifle. I can't go as far as to say it my #1 favorite powder because of its limited uses, but it is a winner in my book when its used where its intended. (at least in my limited experience in a 280 rem and 140 accubonds)