Superbraid and Zebco?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by graybeard, May 5, 2006.

  1. graybeard

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    Ok, a fishing buddy uses Stren superbraid,(30 lb test & 8 lb diameter) on one of his 33s, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a 125 yard spool, thinking the reel would hold most of it. Well, it didn't seem to take too much and the spool was full. Looked like it went on nice and even, just didn't take as much line as I expected. Does it spool up different, and is this normal?
  2. kscathunter

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    It should spool the same most people put a little mono on first to keep it from slipping on the spool. sorry to say but i dont think you will be happy with it on a 33. The braids dont seem to cast well with spincast reels too mutch friction. If you like the braids on their though and experance casting problems you can pick up some reel magic, its a enviroment friendly lube, take off the lid and spray the spool line and all. should cast a mile.