Super glue on knots ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by kyron4, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. kyron4

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    Anyone put a drop or two of super glue on their knots when useing mono line ? I guy told me it improves knot strength . Any truth to that ? Does it help or hurt ? -Thanks
  2. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Hi Mike,I have used it on some of my Knots and I don't know if it helps or not as I haven't hooked up a decent size fish on those perticular rods yet,I have heard that it helps. The place I sometimes have trouble with is mono line in the 50 pound and up category getting the knot tight enough to hold under a load. Tight lines My Friend. J.D.

  3. JamisonM

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    South Carolina
    I've used a little bit of super glue on my braided lines, but not mono. The heaviest mono I've used is 40lb. leader. It ties a good uni and polymar and when cinched down good doesn't slip. I use the super glue on my braided lines because of the slipping issues I've heard about it. I use it just to be sure and have never had problems with it slipping.
  4. Baitkiller

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    Akron, Ohio
    I glue my Spidrwire"Steath" when atttaching it to a barrl swivel on the rigs I use. It does help alot on my knot for I have tested the knots I use over & over. I never HAVE done it with mono but would think that the solvent would affect mono it to some extend.

    I use Krazy Glue band for I think it stays wet a fraction on a second longer.

  5. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    If never tried it. I would think the superglue would *burn* into the line??

    I just use a palomer knot, never had a problem with it... Tie up the knot, WET your line, should cinch right up for ya...
  6. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    I'm scared of "Crazy Glue"....and just had a vision of not being able to get back in the truck for the rod & reel glued to my hand...LOL. Last time I used some, some drops ended on the work bench with my hand.....and I don't care who ya are that there is funny. The acetone was two feet out of reach......
  7. cathouse

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    While i have never used super glues i have used fishing glue if its the same i dont know . I wasn't always good at fishing knots and the glue was there so what the hey . I can tell you that on a not so good knot it could and has helped , maybe even was the differance between catching and not , i had less slipped knots i beleive . but a well tied knot should not need glue of any kind i would not imagine .
  8. ninrugger

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    i've never had much of an issue with a knot slipping out if i'm tying it to some kind of terminal tackle (hook, swivel, etc.) but i do use it sometimes when adding a leader of mono or flouro directly to my braided line. but it's always nice i have the glue along for little fixes or helping a grub tail stay up by the head of a jig longer.