Super cheap & easy to make rod holders

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    I got this idea from Sal jr, so if anybody deserves credit..... I guess he really gave me the idea, I just tweaked it a bit according to the materials that I had on hand. He was using hog panels, and I had the smaller square horse panels here at the farm, so that's what I used. The rod holders work awfully well too, if I do say so myself. They're ridiculously cheap, extremely easy to make (all you need are the panels and a set of bolt cutters) and they are easily adjustable and bendable for your own needs.

    Anyhow, I have been building rod holders for bank fishing out of 2"X4" square galvenized horse panel pieces. I usually cut a piece of panel that is 2" (one square) wide and 32" (8 squares) tall and just bent it up a little bit & shazam.... a rod holder that works like a champ for bank fishing!!! Make sure you cut the cross piece out of the bottoms for 2 squares up, so that you can stick them into the ground on the bank with relative ease. I'm gonna wrap the tops with electrical tape to keep them from scratching up my reels as well.