Sunday's Catfish Article.

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    Did any of you guys read the article I believe in Sun. Times Disp. about the blue cats stocked in the river? Very interesting reading. I for one am glad they stocked them.

    The quote about Virgina anglers spend 2 million dollars each year on guides, tackle, bait and other essentials is amazing.

    Although filling up the van $80.00
    Filling up the boat $20.00
    Chips, smokes, and a beer $15.00
    Hooking a fattie! Priceless:cool2:

    On the flip side, skiped the James this w.end and took my dad and 6yr old to the York (croaker landing) and loaded the boat. My boy got one 2.5 lbs Nice change of pace.

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    From the looks on that boy's face, you got more than a boat load of Croakers. You got a lifetime fishing partner. Congrats to you for taking the time for the next generation. You earned lots of good Karma points...there's sure to be a beast on your line in the near future.

    Tight lines.

    P.S. That's a great I would have framed for the family room.

  3. Dallison

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    It seems for it to be so over populated it would be easy to catch em, I can't imagine seeing 10s of thousands being stunned to get a count. So those huge fish are about 35 years old, based on the introduction in the 70's. Very intresting article. I'm going to do more research on my own.
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    I read the Sunday article, very interesting and I'm sure both the biologists were misquoted a couple of times. I study blue cats in Oklahoma and have seen thousands surface while electrofishing on many occations. Its alot of fun because unlike bass shocking when the fish are actually "stunded", blue cats dont every "passout" and rollover they just surface and swim away from the boat, you have to chase them down to net them. I call it the catfish rodeo. I would love to study the James River catfish diets and habitat preferences the fishery has many unique aspects I don't get to see in Oklahoma and it was catfishing on the James that got me interested in catfish research in the first place.
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