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LOl I mean temp wise. Hubby and i went down to WDM to see how far the water fell and fished for a bit. The sun was shining and didn't let a cloud stand in it's way....! LOL Hubby got his first blue about 15 minutes after we got there.He caught several more as the day went on. I myself caught a few but since there was like the needed amount for a fish fry I let mine go to grow! I was mainly the drum master, and Mr. Teethy master this weekend. Caught plenty of fresh bait and managed to bring home around 40. They I think still need a week or two to get in there thick and get hungry! Saw, Tim, Carson and a friend of his along with Hogeye and his wife. Nice meetn ya Mrs. Hogeye! LOL It was really streaming out there and my trusty multi colored Umbrella was my bestie on the river bank Sunday afternoon. Raysplay stole the show and he has to have all the credit for the cats this weekend. We took them over to my best friends house.....Because her boyfriend nows how to clean them. Ray was very pleased about that! WINK! I put up skips and think we have plenty for the next trip. I swear though, I have already started a good dark tan and that sun didn't let up so I got a true ******* thanks to Mr. Sun! LOL Oh, well at least I didn't have to watch that movie Hogeye and His wife did the night before...KNATS Come to swarm! LOL Hope your feet are feeling way better Mrs. Hogeye LOL
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Sabikki #6 and #8 PINK and whiite. Skipjacks love the pink! LOL But might try another color if ya want! I am a bit partial to pink! LOL
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