Sunday Night Catfishing Adventure

Discussion in 'Outdoor Adventures' started by TPD, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Last night was by far the best fishing trip I have had in a while. It started off with us landing a huge channel cat on our fishing jugs. I cant tell you exactly how much it weighed since it managed to break free of the stringer before I had a chance to put it on the scales but I would guess it to be by far the biggest channel cat that I have ever caught. After setting the jugs out I decided to anchor in a quiet little cove and catch some baitfish. After catching the right amount of baitfish we decided to pull up the anchor and move along. One problem the anchor would not budge off the bottom no matter how hard I tugged and pulled. So I have to strip down to my boxers and dive 12 feet down to the bottom of the lake in pitch blackedness and pull the anchor out of the rocks which it had been lodged. I paid $17.00 for that anchor and I refused to lose it now. We continued to fish for the rest of the night catching a few more catfish and some more bream. At sunrise I decided to give it my first shot at catfish noodling. For those of you who dont know noodling is the sport of sticking your hands toes and feet into holes, stumps, under rocks or any other place a catfish may be hiding in hopes that it will bite you. The hardest part is not screaming like a little girl and getting the hell out of the water once something does bite you. I didn't catch anything when I was noodling but it was sketchy and you ave to get your feet wet at some point in time for it to work. Finally called it quits and was ready to pull the boat out of the water. I was loading it on to the trailer and the ramp was super slippery. I busted my butt and completely submerged my phone as well as everything else of value that was in my pockets. There was a few people fishing from the bank next to the ramp and I don't even think they saw me eat it trying to get the boat out of the water. My phone is drying out for a day or two so if you need to get in touch with me call Loretta's phone. Oh yeah, I didn't even take the camera with me to get a pic of that big channel cat before it got off the stringer. For some odd reason I think every time I go fishing they seem to get bigger and bigger. Once again two of my jugs went down and never came back up. I believe the ones that get away are always the biggest. I bet those two that took my jugs were about 70-85 lbs........ at least