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Sunday, Monday Night Games

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I'm watching the pats kick some butt right now while waiting on the cowboys to kick butt. Did you see that come back. 2 plays, TOUCHDOWN. LOL I love it.
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I don't know why I started this thread. I should have posted this on BG and Tea's nfl talk. This is cluttering up stuff. Wish I could delete it. LOL
Down big fella! LOL! Get a grip on yourself. LOL!
LOL BG, I get excited during the games. LOL.
The Pats did what Dano?????

come on ray, cut dano some slack - he just got excited there for a minute

The Pats folded like a cheap suit :D
They are just faking everybody out. Got a raise the odds a little for betting. LMAO. Got 16 to play.
The Pats folded like a cheap suit
haven't i heard that some where before? :eek:

deja vu all over again :D
Carolina Vs. Green Bay.

I still like Brett F. He might cut the cheese one more time. LOL.
Would not bother me a bit to see him win one more ring. Most around my house aint worried about Green Bay. It aint over till the fat lady signs, right now, we will keep feeding her. LOL.
Favre is one of my perrienial favorites...right up there with Steve Young and Joe Montana. I'd love to see him get another ring. However it seems like so far GB is feeling the loss of their pro bowl O-lineman Rivera (went to Dallas via free agency) and are REALLY lamenting the loss of pro bowler WR Javon Walker to a season ending torn ACL. Their defense is not helping him out either. Never count Brett out...but he cannot and will not do it on his own.
looks bad for the pack so far...2 min 30 sec for the first score :cool:
Favre just wont give up. even made a 1st down running up the middle. LOL
That is what I like about him. Man has heart when it comes to football.
They had some injuries tonight.

All they need right now is the D to hold and one more run, TD to win, FG to tie.
Dang, where's are the Panther fans? I love Brett Favre, but gotta go for my hometown boys.
Packers may have lost but they put up some good numbers offensively.
It was good the see the Chargers whip on the Pats ebventhough us Raider fans should never root for the Chargers. I like seeing that they are vulnerable now. Should be a new team represemnting teh AFC now in the superbowl.

Is this suppose to be Bretts last season? I thought I heard that earlier about him possibly retiring.
What's up Bluehunter? I have been trying to tell these Pats fans that they are going to get whooped this year by the Colts, but they don't listen.HAHA They still think they should be #1 in the Power Rankings with a record of 2-2?
The Pats are done as far as I am concerned. Its good to see them get beat. They will not pass the steelers or the colts this year. This is the year for the colts to shine. I am picking an AFC battle between the steelers and the Colts this year. I would say San Diego but they normally find a way to choke.
Hey B. H.,

I see that we got a win on Sunday ("Raiders" :) ). But about those Pats, there are not even the third Best team in the AFC this year. In my eyes its:
1: the Colts 4-0
2: the Steelers 2-1
3: the Chargers 2-2 (I hate to say it - lol :rolleyes: )
and then 4: the Patriots 2-2 ("Maybe" :confused: we'll see after this week)

That's how I see it right now.

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
Right on Bert and Brian! I think the Colts have a shot at the Super Bowl this year. ;) Hey, you guys should go on the Power Rankings thread that I update weekly and see what these guys are saying. There are guys saying that the Chargers should be #1 :confused: at 2-2? Just because they had one good game against the Pats last week. These guys are always trying to down talk the Colts. I know that in the past couple of years they have always beaten the Colts, but if they beat them this year... :eek: I'll never live it down. Take it easy guys and Good Luck to your teams!!
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