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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by powercat, May 29, 2007.

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    SunburntAgain had a great reply to my earlier thread in regards to where the fish had gone during the spawn. He commented that he had his best fishing during the spawn since he fished where they were spawning. I have read that they spawn in rocky areas, this is very vague. Would the BOC members comment on where they feel blue catfish spawn in lakes and in rivers. ex.: depth of water, type of bottom, temp. of water, what part of lake or river, and any other information that would be helpful for us neophytes to find spawing grounds of the great blue catfish.

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    Hey powercat, Sorry I hadnt replied to your PM yet. Between my job and my 1 yr old son im lucky to have 10 minutes to get online every week or two.

    My river is a medium large river, sandy and shallow with braided channels. Classic plains river. Durring low water the river is very shallow with a "deep" hole only being 5' or 6' deep. Durring "normal" highwater situations the river may average 7-9' with holes to 16'. The very best spawning fishing for me is when the upstream dam shuts down for a few hours or days after a prolonged release of 10,000-50,000 cfs. This is when I go to the low water holes that have the most structure. The big blues seem to prefer steep banks on the channel side of the hole that drop quickly into 4-5' of water that are littered with broken concrete, rock, and riprap, and industrial debris (sunken barges, truck beds, trailers, ect.... ). Most of the river has little structure other than single logs here and there sticking out of the sand bottom, or an occasional rockpile jutting from the sand. So I target the few areas that hold at least 4' of water durring low water periods when the dam is shut down that also have alot of spawning structure. Since my river is subject to releases from a flood control dam, the river can go from full to completely low over night, day after day, and does so quite often. The bigger (older) fish seem to know this and they spawn in areas that will still be holding water incase the water drops suddenly. Since 80% of the river is less than 2' deep durring low water, that signifigantly narrows down my options. Theres no reason to fish right on actively spawning fishes' nests. I fish the sand bottom adjacent to spawning areas because there are pre and post-spawners in these areas hanging out and feeding on the abundant baitfish around all the structure. I hope this helps. Please release all the big spawners u get.