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Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by bootshowl, Nov 3, 2006.

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    Got a Viper climbing stand last year but it is an older model with the nylon bootstraps. Wondering if anyone has tried the newer models with the "Rapid Climb Stirrups", and if it would be worth the extra bucks. They sell an accessory set to upgrade. Appreciate some feedback. I'm not a young fella anymore and did fumble some last year in all the clothes I tried to wear staying cold anyway.
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    Never had a problem with tree stands, I am to FAT for them, lol. One of the Sunday morning shows I watch was showing the advantages of the new stirrup style stands and the added saftey features they offer; it looked ok. Like I said though I don't use them, just passing along some info.

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    I have the newer Viper SS and I have no complaints with the tree stand itself. I only wish my tree lounge was that easy to use.

    The only problem I've had with it is the cheap plastic green stirrups. I came out of the woods last year only to find that one was gone. I was only scouting so I never put it up a tree that day so I think it just ripped off on a tree limb or something.

    If you do buy some, you might try to find some metal stirrups. I seen some in a bass pro catalog. They have the original green ones for replacement but then I think someone else makes some generic metal vinyl coated ones. I just recently made me a replacement stirrup out of 1" flat strap from work. It worked fine last weekend and I don't have to worry about it breaking off and leaving me to a wasted hunting trip.