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    It seems like it's different every day. Sometimes they want a shad head. Some days they prefer the midsection. Other days they seem to favor smaller chunks, and the next day they like a real big bait or a whole shad or a chunk of eel.Its good rule of thumb to try everything until the fish tell you what they want,I can't stress enough, however, that it needs to be fresh. Frozen bait just doesn't work as well.
    Try a fist-size ball of shad guts stuffed inside a small section of pantyhose. tie a tight knot in the hose and run hook through the knot; the fish oil and blood ooze through the pores. Like cut eel, shad heads or tail-hooked sunfish, however, gut-filled pantyhose are mostly a product of confidence.

    I've caught some of the biggest fish in the middle of winter. I quit night fishing after I figured out I could catch just as many in the daytime.
    Target the same general areas with the same types of bait no matter what the season or timje of day, but summer cats tend to favor deeper water during the daytime, venturing onto shallow flats only under the cover of darkness.
    What really seems get the fish going is a temperature change for the better. In other words, if it's been real hot, the fishing will be good after a couple of cooler days. If it's winter, the fish get active after a couple of warmer days.