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Discussion in 'TEXAS RIVERS TALK' started by Flatheadblue, Aug 30, 2005.

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    Seguin, TX.
    Anyone with any information on trotlining during this hot texas summer. Cant seem to find the fish is it because of the heat. Seem to be catching alot of Gar but no catfish. I mainly fish the guadalupe river. Anyone with any tips please let me know. Thanks
    Ricky :confused:
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    Madisonville, TX
    Well Ricky I know what you mean about this heat. I can also relate to you about the gar :cursing: and slow bite of the kittys. As far as trotlines go, I'm not real sure about setting those or running them, never done it consistently to learn much :know-big: I do all of my fishing with reel and rod. I have noticed that the bites although sometimes slow pick up at night. Also finding a good concentration of baitfish in an area seems to be an indication that the kittys are not too far away and consequently maybe gar :cursing: .

    Couple weeks ago I was out fishing (nite) with a friend, tried several holes with no luck at all. Finally came across a good concentration of shad in a bend on the river and anchored down. The bite was on! This was after trying the usually productive holes. Ended up with 12 blues averaging 4lbs each in about 1.5hrs just before daylight.

    What I am suggesting is, try some different areas of the river, maybe even different times and try to find the baitfish and fish around them. By the way what are you using for bait? Hope this helps you out. Let me know if you need anymore suggestions, I have plenty ;) .

    Jerome :cool:

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