Summer heat and the Ohio

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    With the heat as bad as it is right now, I was wondering what you like to do or use to catch Mr. Whiskers out of the Ohio River. Skips or shad or maybe bluegill for bait? Do you like to fish deeper water or shallow? day time or night time?

    Just was wondering what works for you this time of year??????
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    it seems we are getting in to that long slow period pretty early...seems to get earlier and earlier every year.
    cats can be caught in the heat of the day in deeper water near shallow flats it seems the best way to connect with some cats in the heat of the day is by drifting some cut shad or skip but thats not an option if you are a bank fisherman like myself. i find that fishing shallow water at night with an assortment of live and cut baits is the way to go,try anything from cut shad to live gold fish and cast your rods out anywhere from 10 foot from the bank to as far as ya can cast,if your fishing an area with little to no current the best way to catch em in the dog days is by fishing a live shad or bluegill under a float near some sort of cover. them warm muggy nights are my favorite times to try and connect with a big flat.
    we still have a few more good trips before we really get into the dog days but its dang close.just remember ya gotta get some baits in the water to catch fish.

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    In about a month, during the fall time, The fishing will be excellent, the fish are going to start schooling up in deep wintering holes..I love september-may fishing...I think those months offer the best bite, and the biggest fish...especially the fall months though.
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    When it gets this hot and there is little current on the ohio for long periods of time there can be a thermocline develope in the river and most of the fish will be in that section. I find that susspending baits over the top of the fish from a ancord positon is a good way to hook up with alot of fish that you might not find otherwise. Drifting is also a good way to find them when there scadderd about. Try using cut skipjack or shad for those techneeks and live shad in areas that have cover next to them. Hope this helps and good luck!