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    Cook Springs, AL
    I have a chance to hunt an area that I know has a few birds but i will not be able to scout. I will only have a few hours in the mornings to hunt. Anyone got any tips? How soon before daylight will a turkey gobble? Thanks for any tips....shane
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    Alachua, Florida
    If it is private land you should have a little more to work with. Do some shock calls, owl, peacock, etc. It's pretty normal to hear a gobble 20 mins or so before sun up. If you get one to gobble at you, move towards him, about halfway there try it again to get a better idea of where he's at.

    Without a response on a shock call, I know it will be dark, but try to look for a watering hole or a field next to some good roost trees. In my experiences the birds like to pitch in to a little opening and be near water. If all else fails, just pick a spot, sit for a bit and lay out some calling. You can always move your set up after daylight.

    If it's public land I would be real careful about what you do, you might move in on someone who seen the roost the night before. If you do walk in on someone make sure they know you are there, even if it ruins a hunt. Better safe than sorry, they should understand.

    Hope this helps, let me know if I can help more.


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    I would just try to get pretty close to them while on the roost. Don't spook them though. Try using the first day watching and listening. Maybe you can find out what they are doing or where they are going when they hit the ground. That should help you choose your set-up for the next day.