Suggestions For Electrical Mods, Please

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by wolfman, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Walter Flack
    You have 3 batteries, right? One marine cranking battery and two marine deep cycle batteries.

    Blue Sea Systems makes a 4-way battery bank switch. Make-before-break contact design allows switching between battery banks without power interruption. There is a Off position, battery A position, battery B position, and a BOTH position.

    I would add this 4-way switch for your 2 marine deep cycle batteries. And leave your cranking battery as is.
  2. SkipEye

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    I think Battery B should continue to be used for 24 volt trolling motor duty ONLY.

    You want a common ground for all of your wiring or you'll end up with problems. For example if you decide to put some accessories onto Batt B which is wired in series with Batt A the ground reference point will then be 12volts positive when compared to other accessories on Batt A. Still following me? Bad, bad, bad. Much confusion down the road.

    There might also be an issue with electrolytic currents, corrosion or some other ugly stuff that I read about a LONG time ago when I could remember things.:roll_eyes:

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    I would also leave battery "B" as is. If nothing else just for the idea you can always jump start off that battery if the need arises.
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    with some basic electrical knowledge you can go far. to get 24 volts you series 2 batteries to get more amperage at 12 volts you paralell 2 batteries . if you want the best of both worlds you go to your electrical supply house and purchase yourself a manual transfer switch . like you use for running your house on a generator . it will require some money and basic electrical skills. good luck .