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    SW Ohio
    The one near Crawfordsville, does anyone know if there are any flatheads in there? and if so, how far up do you find them, With the Gar population, Im pretty sure they would be in there but I never caught any or ever saw any while smallmouth fishing. What about channels? Again I never caught any and ussualy I get into them when Im flyfishing for bass, but I havent even seen any over there but lots of forked sticks so I guess they are there.

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    Have Fished It A Lot Around Yountsville Have Caught A Few Flats, But Did Really Good On Channels Up To About 10lbs. They Really Like Raw Shrimp Let Em Sit In The Sun For A Couple Of Hours Find A Hole And Tear Em Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    this is awesome, i didn't know anyone who fished sugar creek, i fish around the parke county are, almost near the mouth of the wabash. sugar creek is one of my favorite places to fish. ive caught so many different types of fish in there you wouldn't believe it. i caught a monster gar there last year, it was probably near 15 pounds, which is good considering the state record is 17.
    and yes, there are flat head in there. ive only caught a handfull of them, but there in there. the biggest was 17-20 pounds, caught on a 2" minnow. the very next day i caught a channel cat about the same day. some days channels will be really hitting, catching a real nice mess in a night, but some days you don't catch any. but sugar creek is pretty good small mouth and sucker fishing early spring. ive caught some sauger in there, and a couple sturgeon. but mainly the creek is known locally for its small mouth fishing.
    its probably one of the most untouched and scenic creeks around, in my area at least. its best when you can take a couple of days to canoe and camp down it. good luck man.