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suffix tritanium

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i won a spool of 20 test suffix tritanium a month or so ago well finally got around to spooling the line on my abu 4600 .
although i din't det to land any fish last nite i did
get to cast several dozen times and cut/retied a few differant hooks
i was missing what turns out to be gar and i thought the hook was my problem.
the line casts very nicely and sseems to be pretty durable and abrasive resistant sure wish i could of landed a large cat to give it a better report
but this is a start and i will update any info pertaining to this line on this thread.
also while i was at the local bait shop i bought another spool of the same line only it is 30# test and i spooled my large baitsensor rhino up with it
it casts good too but i may have over filled it causeing a few over
running of loops if there is not enough sufficiant pressure on line causeing slack
i had a about 4 birds nests with the abu 4600 but it was not hard to untangle
and after dialing the spool break in it was a-ok after that.
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I love all of the Sufix line, in fact it's the only line that's inspired me to venture away from maxima which has been my favorite for years.

Try the Seige and Elite some time, wonderful lines with almost nonexistant memory!
I have had 3 of my reels spooled with sufix tritanium plus for almost a year now, I consider it to be very good line. Very good abrasion resistance and after almost 1 year not much memory. It casts well and it seems to be easier to pick out the occasional backlash than some other monofilaments I have tried. One of my abu 6000's is spooled with 20lb sufix and a 40lb flathead ran the line across the rip rap close to shore, the fish made one more run after that and the line held. After landing the fish I checked the line and you could feel the nicks in it from the rocks but as I said the line held, to me that is good abrasion resistance.
Hey Griz,
You made a good point that I forgot about.
I dont really understand it either, but it does indeed seem that the few backlashes I get come right out slicker than snot! I dont know if that has anything to do with the propertys of the line or just my skill at picking them out had gotten better... your post makes me think it had nothing to do with my skills haha :p
Tritanium Plus is "BIG TIME" popular in the surf fishing crowd. I know several guys that will not fish with anything else. Casts great, ties great knots and holds up extremely well.

Awesome stuff!! I buy it by the pound.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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