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  1. Gone Fishin'

    Gone Fishin' New Member

    What's the biggest sucker anyone has caught (not carp). Around here the redhorse and hognose suckers are pretty common. The biggest I have cought was about 10 lbs.
  2. F150Catfish

    F150Catfish New Member

    around 5lbs white sucker on nightcrawler while i catfishing.

  3. C_wernett

    C_wernett New Member

    North Carolina
    8lbs 6oz...spring run on the Iowa River. We'd catch carp, redhorse, silver redhorse, striped suckers, black suckers, and hognose(stonerollers). Not to mention walleye, pike, smallmouth, rockbass, saugers, and in the right spots crappie and trout. But 8lbs 6oz was my biggest sucker ever. We've caught a ton over 5lbs. though.
  4. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    Not sure what kind, but when I was 12 or so I went with my family to Jasper in Canada and there was this lake out with lodges all around it. The water was amazing, to see such clear water, especially when coming from muddy-water Louisiana!! We saw some people diving clearly, one of them was at the surface and said everyone down there was 40 feet underwater!! Well My dad and I HAD to get a canoe to check out this beautiful lake. We paddled around looking for fish and after an hour or so stumbled across a few suckers (didn't know what they were at the time) sitting and getting the mold off some rocks about 10 feet down. Not having a fishing pole, (we just bought hooks/line a few days before just in case) I paddled over to the shore and picked out a good piece of driftwood. My dad then caught a moth that had been bothering us for quite some time now. We wrapped a good amount of line around the stick and I lowered it tipped with the live moth (didn't know live bait was illegal there till a while later, :roll_eyes: ) After about ten minutes the fish finally decided to take my bait, and TELL YOU WHAT A FIGHT!!! That was the most FUN FISHING EVER!!! Reeling in this fish on a stick took what seemed like forever!!! Finally after a few close calls of losing the fish near the boat, it tired out and we got it out the water. We got it back to the boat rental dock and my mom took a picture quickly before we put the fish back. It weighed around 3 pounds, but I've never seen the picture still to this day, so I'm not sure...need to find it.

    Well that was long but I liked writing it and its the only sucker I caught, and what a sucker it was.:tounge_out:

    OH YEAH! I actually still have the stick that I reeled it in with!!!:big_smile: Airport security must've been more lax back in the day as I couldn't see how they would've let me bring it back through security nowadays!
  5. Iamnoone

    Iamnoone New Member

    I moved to Florida and have been doing the saltwater fishing thing. You have me fired up to try a couple of the local fresh water rivers.
  6. squirtspop

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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    I lived in Wichita when a kid and the family would go to Arkansas to visit relatives. Uncle had a creek that dumped into the Spring River and we would play in the creek. We would walk the bank down toward the railroad trestle then sit there and watch the suckers coming up the creek in schools. Hundreds at a time. Most in the 12-14 inch range. Told the uncle about it and he went a got his .22 and a couple boxes of shells and told me and older bro to sit on the trestle and shoot us some supper. Had a blast doing that. The uncle is gone now but farm is still in the family. Might have to go do that again. Used to shoot snakes up and down that same creek too.
  7. Netmanjack

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    Kevin, ten pounds would be a record in your state as well as in Ohio. If I catch a ten pounder it is definitely going in the books, but I have never caught one over a couple of pounds. :sad2: lol
    I'll bet they fight hard.
  8. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    Sorry, I just noticed thats a carp not a sucker. my bad.
  9. GMC FishHauler

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    i dont know how to catch them consistantly but my buddy caught a 2lber and i used him for bait to catch my 34lb blue. well atleast i used a little piece of him to catch that cat.
  10. waterwalker

    waterwalker New Member

    Louisville Ohio
    Thanks for the pics...yes it is a carp.
  11. mudkip

    mudkip New Member

    Caught a 5 pound hog sucker on corn while fishing for trout on opening day several years ago. Thought I had a trophy Bow and was real disappointed
  12. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    about 4lb redhorse.when i was a youngen my family would go to the south fork of the ouichita river and snag white suckers by the tow sack full.afterjoining the boc and reading about all the flatheads cought on suckers im rigging up a 800 gal. holding tank. you can bet ill be loading up on bait this spring.
  13. treddinwater

    treddinwater Well-Known Member

    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I've caught a lot of redhoarse suckers around 2-3lbs, but that's as big as I've gone on suckers. I will say though that suckers are pretty hard fighting fish, especially in a small creek with heavy current.